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Trailer Company Case Study (2017)

Exponential Growth & Cost Savings for Regional Trailer Sales Company

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Trailer Company Case Study (2017)



Pro-Line Trailers is a leading regional trailer sales company on the East Coast. Founded in 1995, they are headquartered near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Boones Mill, Virginia, with pick-up locations in Indiana, Georgia, and Florida.

Since partnering with Pro-Line Trailers back in 2014, TheeDigital has contributed to Pro-Line Trailers’ revenue growth through a suite of web design and digital marketing services, which included a new website. By acting as a seamless extension of their brand, we helped Pro-Line Trailers exceed their goals and expand their online reach.

Thee Web Design Challenge

Pro-Line Trailers understood the importance of having a website, but wanted a more functional site for their sales operations and customers. Their old website posed several problems, including:

Domain Name The domain name of the old website ( was difficult for users to remember, since it contained a dash and did not contain the actual business name. The domain did not hold much SEO value, either.

Product Organization The old website was outdated and poorly organized. It was difficult to categorize and manage the hundreds of products being sold. With no clear site structure, it was also difficult for Pro-Line Trailers to showcase the many trailers and accessories that the trailer dealer offered.

Website Security Pro-Line Trailers offered a trailer financing option, but had no way for customers to securely submit credit applications online — a step that hindered business, since their target customer expanded beyond the local area.

Responsive Design The website was not responsive, making it practically unnavigable on mobile devices. Since a significant portion of website visitors were on mobile, Pro-Line Trailers needed a new site that was responsive across all devices.


They required a fresh new website that was responsive across all devices. The new site had to be easy on the eyes, but due to the intensive hands-on backend requirements, it needed to be easy for their staff to add/remove trailers and edit the website. With the goal of “making the phone ring” in mind, TheeDigital’s team of WordPress web designers went to work to develop the new online face of their company.

TheeDigital’s approach to solving the web design and digital challenges included:

I. Building a sophisticated categorization system for organizing all the different trailers and trailer parts.

II. Providing an easy-to-manage, secure platform for making daily updates to the website.

III. Mapping out clear calls-to-action and website structure.

Before & After

The redesigned homepage establishes the new look and feel of Pro-Line Trailers.

The screenshots show a significant improvement between the old and the newly designed

An attention-grabbing slider shows off high-quality photography of the trailers.

The page also features call-to-action buttons, the latest news articles, a clean footer for quick navigation, and social media buttons.

Custom WordPress web design and digital marketing for a regional trailer sales company that gained 964% more qualified traffic and a $745 reduction in cost per conversion.

Thee Marketing Challenge

The trailer company used many traditional media placements, such as billboards, print ads, sponsorships, events, and third party ads on sites like Equipment Trader. TheeDigital saw an opportunity to paint the bigger picture of their omnichannel approach, and connect offline and online marketing efforts:

Keyword Rankings Google rankings play a huge role in any digital marketing strategy. Pro-Line Trailers realized this, and set their eyes on highly competitive terms like, “enclosed trailers,” and, “equipment trailers for sale.”

Multi-location SEO Pro-Line Trailers is headquartered in Virginia, but does business up and down the East Coast — a detail that made a big difference of how their digital marketing and SEO needed to be approached.

Link Building Pro-Line Trailers had excelled at online and real world engagement with their audience, like racing, however, key link building elements were missing and required the assistance of a professional SEO expert.

Pay-per-click Advertising Pro-Line Trailers knew that it was important to utilize PPC advertising, and already had a few Google Ads campaigns setup. However, these campaigns were not optimized, and it was difficult for Pro-Line Trailers to stay up-to-speed on the latest best practices.

more clicks

The Effects of a Google Ads Expert

More clicks and higher conversion rate doesn’t always mean increased cost. TheeDigital’s marketing masterminds applied strategy + web design and digital marketing to produce a Google Ads PPC initiative that exponentially increased leads, while reducing the PPC spend.

30 Day Snapshot

Optimizing Google Paid Ads

As a Google Premier Partner, TheeDigital’s certified PPC specialists overhauled Ads campaign. The account was reorganized into multiple campaigns and ad groups, according to the new website structure. TheeDesign actively monitored performance and ensured that the latest best practices were being implemented. By having AdWords actively managed by professional PPC experts, the updated campaigns immediately saw a shift to positive ROAS and overall ROI.

It’s Not Magic, It’s Expertise

TheeDigital was able to boost the number of qualified leads and lower the cost per conversion, without an increase in budget. During “off season,” TheeDigital’s Ads management resulted in higher performing campaigns at half of the original PPC budget! How? PPC magic. Well, it may seem that way to some, but these results weren’t brought upon by some sort of sorcery.

Having a well organized AdWords account with campaigns structured to match the website, along with more precise targeting and accurate conversion tracking gave TheeDigital the tools needed to produce results like reducing the cost per conversion by hundreds of dollars.

Backlinks & LInk Building

From an SEO perspective, the launch of the new website presented challenges like the brand new domain name and change in site version (going from http to https). This meant that ProLine Trailers’ existing links to their website all pointed to the old domain. So TheeDigital’s search marketing experts began the task of updating the backlinks to point to the new website.

Pro-Line Trailers took a hands-on approach to their link building, and assisted TheeDigital in building new backlinks and updating NAP listings (Name, Address, Phone). There was a slow, but steady growth trend in the number of referring domains, and by the start of the next trailer buying season, the building blocks were in place for the site’s backlink profile to take off!

Content Marketing

Previously, this trailer company had not published content or used a blog. TheeDigital crafted Pro-Line Trailers’ content marketing strategy and utilized social media channels to amplify the impact of the content.

On a regular basis, TheeDigital published professional, cultivated, well-researched content for their news/blog section. Combined with the newly redesigned and reorganized website, this new approach to content boosted both traffic and perception of their expertise.

TheeDigital’s content writers got to know Pro-Line Trailers’ brand, team, and the day in the life of a trailer expert. It was realized that they had a great impact in the local and niche communities, such as local car shows or non-profit events, and used it as a prime source of content. Another source of content was through in-depth research of their audience — including demographic information, common trends and interests, and user behavior.

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