Custom Web Design for a Legal Business
The Trademark Company

Ecommerce Portal for One of the Largest Trademark Law Firms in the Country


The Trademark Company provides copyright and trademark registration services and legal defense for businesses. They offer a host of services to register your trademark in the United States as well as around the world.

With a newly designed WordPress website, we were able to give easy access to legal information to their prospective clients.

The Trademark Company After Screenshot
The Trademark Company After Screenshot


Before the redesign, The Trademark Company had an outdated site (seen to the left). They needed an updated website that gives clear and concise legal advice.

Their previous website was outdated and was not easily found in search results. It also did not have an effective call-to-action for visitors coming to their website wanting to register their trademarks.


TheeDigital created a modern website for them with an easy to use content management system. We also optimized their new website for search engines and incorporated clearly defined call-to-actions across the site. They now have a modern looking website that attracts paying customers.

SEO and Marketing for Legal Industry Client
Adwords and Social Media for Legal Industry Client
Marketing and SEO for Legal Industry Client
Mobile Friendly Web Design for Legal Industry Client
Custom Web Design for Legal Industry Client
Trademark Company's Legal Ecommerce Website

Custom WordPress Website

Using WordPress, our development team was able to create a stunning design that was easily optimized to attract those seeking a company to help them navigate the complex legal waters of trademarks, patents, and copyrights.

With their easy-to-find services, customer testimonials, and valuable industry-specific information, The Trademark Company’s website is not only a valuable tool for their customers but also easy to maintain and update by just about any staff member, without having any programming skills.

Thumb Friendly Mobile Design for Legal Industry Client

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Website

With so much of The Trademark Company’s traffic coming from mobile and other portable devices, it was imperative to choose a web development company that understands this fact. TheeDigital knew the new website had to be more than just responsive that looks good on all types of devices.

To be thumb friendly, we designed all links and navigation to to be able to be easily clicked using the largest digit on a user’s hand. Having a truly mobile friendly experience also improves Google search engine rankings, so the website is now more visible to potential students.

Special Features for Law Industry Client

Easy to Find and Fill Out Forms

We wanted to improve conversions by making the complexity of finding and filling out legal forms easy.

From starting a new business, copyrights, trademarks, patents and other legal advice, all of the forms on The Trademark Company site is not only easy to find, but they are also very easy to fill out and complete.

The legal industry can be confusing and complex. The idea behind The TradeMark Company is to make this process easy, and TheeDigital helped facilitate this goal.

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