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SEO and Marketing for a Construction Recycling Company
Wall Recycling

SEO and Digital Marketing for a Dumpster Rental & Scrap Metal Recycling Center


Wall Recycling is a full service waste management company based in Raleigh. With multiple locations around the Triangle and throughout North Carolina, they provide dumpster rental, auto salvage, concrete crushing, and several other services. 

Wall Recycling came to us because their company has grown through merging with other companies and had five different websites. They wanted a website that would provide a cohesive voice and a better user experience that would make it easy for customers to get the services they need.

SEO and Marketing for a Construction Recycling Company


Wall Recycling wanted to be found more easily in search engines and then provide new visitors with the information and tools they needed to connect with services. However, there were five websites that needed to be combined into one cohesive unit. 

Their main goal was to have a website that could be easily found through search engines while also providing the information and tools customers needed. Our digital marketing team got to work to help them meet their goals. 


We incorporated the existing websites into one site and implemented the Perfmatters plugin to optimize and improve performance and increase site speed by minimizing render-blocking resources and excess code. We also wrote new content for their existing pages and created additional service and location pages to improve SEO and launch an aggressive pay-per-click advertising campaign to increase visibility and make a powerful impact.

The combined results of these initiatives led to a rapid increase in their organic and paid search traffic and since partnering with us, Wall Recycling has opened five new locations!

SEO and Marketing for a Construction Recycling Company
PPC and SEO for a Construction Recycling Company
SEO and Marketing for a Construction Recycling Company
PPC and SEO for a Construction Recycling Company
Marketing and PPC for a Construction Recycling Company
Marketing and PPC for a Construction Recycling Company
Marketing and PPC for a Construction Recycling Company
Marketing Services for a Construction Recycling Company
PPC and SEO for a Construction Recycling Company
SEO and Marketing for a Construction Recycling Company

What Our Happy Clients Say about TheeDigital

Thee Digital has been great for my business. Leslie has knocked it out of the park for me. The team at Thee Digital, Leslie especially, have accommodated the needs of my business and myself in working with me. It has been a pleasure and I look forward to our continued partnership.

Jesse Mashburn

Wall Recycling Before
Wall Recycling After

Custom WordPress Enhancements

Wall Recycling had just undergone a major website redesign, but they noticed a few areas in which they wanted custom functionality, more search visibility, and a better user experience. They approached our digital marketing agency to help them make those improvements! Our SEO team was able to make the website load faster and to elevate the user experience by focusing on technical SEO and web copy.

Since signing with TheeDigital, they’ve experienced an increase in organic web traffic by over 500 percent, a boost of 3,410 percent in paid search traffic, and nearly 700 percent increase in mobile users!

Wall Recycling SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

To help increase organic traffic and targeted local traffic, we optimized their existing content as well as built new service and location pages. We also wrote new blogs on a variety of relevant topics. Not only does this improve search engine rankings to service pages, it allows Wall Recycling to stand out as an authority in the industry and provide high quality information to people who need it. 

These strategies increased site traffic from North Carolina users by 515 percent!

Wall Recycling Laptop

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

With a smart bid strategy, extensive keyword research, and compelling ad and landing page copy, we were able to increase visibility and traffic to the website through paid search by over 3,000 percent. The amount of traffic and leads from our pay-per-click advertising management offered an incredible return on investment. 

Wall Recycling Tablets

Technical SEO

Search engine optimization isn’t just about content and keywords. While those are important, search engines also rank websites on how they perform. By increasing site speed and performance, we didn’t just improve user experience, it also improved search engine rankings making the website more visible to a wider audience. This was particularly important for mobile device use, where we saw a 686 percent increase in traffic from mobile devices!

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