Will a CMS Website Grow Your Business Online?

In today's fast paced world people are looking for relevant and current content when they visit a website. Modern CMS websites offer the ability to easily add and edit content such as articles, coupons, special offers, audio files, videos, and interact with your visitors.

The short answer is, Yes! But, even though you’ve probably heard the term before, you may be asking, “What is CMS?”

CMS stands for Content Management System. “So what?”, you ask. Well in today’s fast paced world people are looking for relevant, current content when they visit a website. Today’s CMS websites offer you, the user the ability to easily add content such as articles, current information about your company, coupons and discounts, upload pictures and videos, and even interact with your visitors.

CMS Website Development in Raleigh NC

In the “old” days – yesterday – websites weren’t much more than online brochures; static and boring! Today’s CMS websites are designed to be SEO friendly and social. So, your potential clients can connect with you on your social media platforms and also help you get higher search engine rankings. So, they can find your business website when they search for your products and/or services online.

Today’s CMS websites, like WordPress, are work horses that turn your once static website into a customer attracting, lead generating, sales conversion machine along with allowing you the ease of managing the content with ease. It’s so easy you’ll add content more often, which in turn will improve your search ranking.

Bearing in mind that search engines like Google rank pages not websites. CMS platforms like WordPress allow you to optimize each page. So, search engines can index each page for a unique keyword and help improve it’s page rank till hopefully it’s found on page one in a search for that term. That’s why it is so important to post new content regularly focusing on keywords important to your business. So, the search engine “spiders” can find it, index it and share it with potential clients looking for that information or product… your product! If people find the content and like it, they’ll spread the news to family and friends through their social network.

Newer CMS platforms, like WordPress, integrate social media connectivity into your site to facilitate this viral affect.

A modern web design company like TheeDigital can develop an easy to use CMS website for you and optimize it for search engines. So, it not only looks professional but more importantly can and will be found in the search engines. Call 919-341-8901 if you are looking for web design company with several years of CMS website development experience.