Why Should I Use WordPress?

Do you know the value of using WordPress as your website platform? Learn the advantages of using WordPress as your content management system.

You’ve been hearing about WordPress, but you aren’t sure why you should switch your website to their platform. This article will explain the major advantages and features of WordPress, as well as why you should use it for your website.

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Not just for blogs

It is a common misconception that WordPress is exclusively for blogs. While it is true that WordPress has a wonderfully simple blogging tool, this is only a small portion of what WordPress can do. WordPress has the ability to function as a static website, e-commerce website, corporate website, online newspaper, image board, or anything else you can imagine. You never need to worry about your WordPress site looking stale or outdated as WordPress makes it possible to have your site look and function any way you like.

Here are just a few examples of websites using WordPress with unique designs and functions:



Many of the world’s largest Ecommerce platforms are all easy to integrate into WordPress, including WooCommerce, PayPal Pro, Ecwid, Shopp, Jigoshop, Cart66, and Google Checkout. Simply install the plugin for your Ecommerce platform into your WordPress install, set up, upload your products and you’re good to go. The process of installing an Ecommerce platform on WordPress is far faster and simpler than other Ecommerce platforms, such as Magento, which require more time and skill to set up and manage.

Plugins, Plugins, Plugins

One of the greatest features of WordPress is the plugin library, with over 35,000 plugins available to choose from. Plugins provide your website with enhanced capabilities such as the ability to remove spam comments, gather analytics, sell products, increase site speed, backup your website, improve SEO, and comment on posts. There are literally hundreds of new plugins added to the WordPress library every day!


Many people falsely believe that because WordPress is so popular it is an easy target for hackers. This is because WordPress is so popular that anytime a vulnerability is found in the software, it is quickly shared within the entire community. Fortunately, WordPress also has an amazing array of security plugins that can help to protect your website from spam, brute force attacks, password guessing, DDos attacks, SQL injections and many other types of attacks and intrusions. WordPress even tells you how secure your user password is and encourages you to add special characters, capital letters and numbers to increase the strength of your password.


WordPress is free for anyone to use and is currently maintained by a group of volunteers. This means there is no official 800 number to call when you encounter problems with your WordPress site. There are, however, many resources available to assist you if you should ever need help. The official WordPress site offers a support forum where users can ask questions and receive answers from other users. TheeDigital Studio also has a WordPress blog filled with tips, tricks and knowledge about WordPress.

Finally, you can contact TheeDigital Studio here to receive WordPress help from one of our on-site experts.

Easy To Learn

One of the major benefits of WordPress is how simple it is to learn. With just a brief amount of training you will be able to go in the back end of your WordPress website and add blog posts, pictures, pages and content. You can also easily re-size images, change font alignment, edit fonts, and more. If you ever need some one on one help with WordPress TheeDigital Studio also offers free monthly WordPress training seminars at our office in Raleigh, NC.

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