Web Design for SEO

If you’re currently creating your first website or redesigning an old one, you are probably already thinking already thinking about the online marketing tactics that you are going to use to promote it once it's finished.

No matter, if you’re creating your first website or redesigning an old one, it’s important to know that marketing can be hard.  Making your website stand out above all the rest can sometimes be a hard and grueling task.

It’s also important to realize that the marketing of your website actually begins well before you create your website and actually in the web design phase.

If you’re already thinking about the marketing of your website, it’s important to know about the search engine optimization tactics that you can do during the web design phase that will help you get the most out of your website.

Your Keywords

Picking the keywords that you plan on using for your website should be a top priority, when designing your website.  Picking the right keywords, might be the most important part about the web design phase, because the keywords you ultimately pick will be the words that will guide your audience to your website.

Remember when using your keywords though, make sure not to be too spammy, and make sure that your copy comes off precise and clear as this can have a negative impact on both  your audience and search results.

Your Pictures

Remember when designing your website that everything can be optimized including the pictures.  Early in in the web design process you probably picked out the images that you thought your customers would like to see on your website.  To optimize your pictures, make sure that they have alternative text and titles that are similar to the keywords that your customers are looking for.

Your Linking

The Linking structure of your website plays an important part of your SEO strategy.  First and foremost if you are redesigning your website or have simply gave your website over to a website designer for a redesign, make sure that all of the links that have been changed are redirected.  A dreaded 404 is going to stop Google’s spiders from being crawled and your websites from ranking.

Also think about your internal linking, a blog post that’s buried on your site will probably get less love from a Google Spider than an About Us page that’s linked to on every page.

These are just a few of the features that can improve your website peformance before it leaves the hand of a web designer.

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