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In today’s online world, every business needs a website, but creating that website can often be the hardest thing that a business owner does.   The thought of having to choose a Web Designer to create your website, can be both scary and exciting at the same time, as the finished product is going to ultimately reflect you and your brand. The following 3 questions should be asked to every Web Designer, as you begin the process of taking your business online.

Which Web Designer, is the one for you?

  • Before you start looking for a Web Designer, it’s important to ask yourself what exactly are you looking for your website to do.  Are you looking for an Ecommerce site or are you just looking for something to simply drive leads?  Do you hope to create an email mailing list?   Knowing what exactly you want your website to do, will help your Web Designer create your website.
  • Now that you know what you want your website to do, research Web Designers and find out what platforms they are familiar with.  Every platform has its own strength and weaknesses, if you’re looking for a good content management system maybe you should go with Wordpress or for ecommerce, it might be best to go with the Magento platform.  Each Web Designer has their own specialty and it’s important to find the one that uses the platform that best fits your needs.
  • Also it’s important to note that cost should not be the first thing you look at when interviewing Web Designers.  Often times customers can be suckered into low price solutions and end up with products that don’t meet their expectations. Watch out for Designers that offer quick and easy guarantees, for low prices.

Do you have Rapport with your Web Designer?

  • Regardless if you’re using an agency, studio, or even just a free-lancer, it’s important that you build a strong rapport with the project managers and web designers who will be working on your website.  Often times, Web Designers have to quit and move on to other projects and if this happens to your site, don’t feel stressed.  Let the Web Designers know your fears and concerns, and feel free to talk to them candidly. An open line of communication can often fix any issues that might arise.
  • Always make sure that you openly communicate with your webdesigner or team. Don’t feel bad for asking for samples or updates every few 3-5 days. Also keep in mind that this line of communication works both ways, if you leave a designer hanging for longer than week, he might get upset and become uninterested in your project.

Will your Web Designer go beyond the call of duty?

  • Once the website is built, ask to take a look at it before it goes live and give some creative feedback.  Feel free to have the website be judged by a friend or two for clarity and design. You should know your project better than anyone else, so use the rapport you’ve built with your creative team and engage them in talks of any changes that need to be made.
  • Once your website is built and you have time to play with it, ask your Web Designer what happens next. A good Web Designer will go beyond the call of duty and will be able to help you with more than just design.  Often times, a good Web Designer will offer you training on your new website, especially if it has a content management system built into it.  They will also offer technical support if the need arises, which is bound to happen with many newly launched sites.
These are three questions that you should ask yourself when looking for your next web designer.  Also it’s important to note that a good Web Designer will also point you in the direction of how to best market market your website with SEO or even help you pick the social media platform that is right for you.
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