What is a Microsite and How Can It Help My Business?

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Today’s business world is more competitive than ever, thanks to the rise of the digital age. Consumers have access to thousands of options, literally at their fingertips and with simple searches, users can find a business to meet their product or service needs. To marketers, this presents both a huge opportunity and a large responsibility, as companies must do everything in their power to make their businesses easy to find and to illustrate how they stand out from the competition. Microsites are just one marketing tool that experts can leverage to make a brand stand out from the crowd. Learn what drives these search engine optimization (SEO) projects and how to make them work for your business.

What Is a Microsite?

A microsite is just what it sounds like – it’s a little piece of branded content that exists outside of your company’s homepage. Microsites live on a separate URL from your website but serve an important purpose for your company’s marketing efforts. Some examples of microsites include:
  • Blog Microsites: These are specialized blog projects that showcase your business knowledge and thought leadership. They echo your basic brand image but live on a different URL from your homepage.
  • Infographic Microsites: Infographics can work as microsites, as long as they function beyond your website’s main navigation. These serve as an interesting way to bring attention to a relevant issue or topic within your industry.
  • Branded Game Microsites: Some microsites take advantage of the recent “gamification” of marketing. If your brand image is fun, adventurous, or playful, you may be able to create a game that drives your current marketing efforts.
  • Marketing Campaign Microsites: Campaign-based microsites can serve as a central hub for a specific marketing effort, such as a sale.

Why Make a Microsite?

There are several reasons a company might invest in a microsite. For one, microsites give you the opportunity to step outside your box and get a little playful with branding and marketing strategy. While standardization on your current website makes your users feel comfortable (everyone likes being able to find what we’re looking for quickly and efficiently), it also limits your ability to experiment and be creative. A microsite gives you an outlet for this creativity and can help you achieve other business goals, such as:
  • Reaching a new target audience,
  • Creating brand awareness, particularly in a certain campaign, and
  • Fostering a new user action, such as signing up for an email subscription list.
If you create a microsite properly and market it effectively, it provides several benefits to your company. Some of these benefits include:

1. Brand Awareness

Microsites are an effective way to share elements of your brand. For example, a microsite dedicated to the launch of a new product can prove extremely effective in increasing your customers’ awareness of the product and the value it can bring to them. Most marketing professionals know that building brand awareness is the key first step in closing a sale. As consumers become increasingly savvy – requiring research and reading reviews before making purchasing decisions – your brand presence is more important than ever for fostering growth.

2. Improved SEO

Your SEO practices are still an integral part of your marketing strategy. To rank highly on Google searches, you must have a user-friendly website, in addition to content optimized for search. The right microsites tend to experience more shares across the web, which can be a powerful asset to your SEO efforts. Depending on your microsite – whether it’s a game, infographic, or even a blog – your users could share it on their social media networks and improve your online presence. This process – called link-building – has a strong effect on your SEO. Some companies choose to create microsites based on keyword research. By incorporating these highly targeted keywords and creating a backlink to your original site, you can drastically improve your company’s SEO and outshine your competitors.

3. Better Customer Engagement

It should come as no surprise that engaged customers are better customers. They’re more enthusiastic about your brand, which means they’re not only more likely to make a purchase, but they’re also more likely to participate in a little word-of-mouth marketing of their own. If you can create a fun and interactive experience on a microsite, chances are your customers will tell their friends about their experiences. This works to generate more leads while improving your current customer satisfaction and engagement.

Contact TheeDigital about Microsites for Your Web Presence

Microsites might be small projects, but they’re powerful campaigns that serve several different purposes. They improve your SEO and encourage brand loyalty while generating new leads and excitement about your brand. On the other hand, these projects often require the help of a professional web design and development team. Improper execution could end up costing you time and money, without garnering desired outcomes. Find a partner with experience in these projects – don’t attempt to set them up yourself. Work with a professional web design team to create a top-quality microsite that will drive your marketing efforts forward.
Our award-winning web design and digital marketing team will help you craft a strategy and microsite that truly help your business succeed. Contact TheeDigital today to get started on the journey by calling 919-341-8901 or schedule a free consulation.

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