Responsive Web Design for Your SEO Strategy

Responsive web design is the latest in web design technology and can positively influence your mobile SEO strategy.

The latest trend in web technology is responsive web design (RWD).

RWD is an advanced form of web design that responds to the screen size and resolution on which the website is displayed. More businesses are adopting this technology to be able to accommodate the millions of mobile searches performed each day.

Not sure RWD if right for you? Maybe this short video by Cole, Tevan and Lauren will help seal the deal:

If our awesome video isn’t enough to sway you in the direction of responsive web design, how about some facts and stats:

  • Mobile and tablet internet searches are predicted to overtake desktop internet searches by 2014.
  • 67% of users said they would be more likely to purchase from a mobile-friendly website.
  • Google LOVES responsive web design, it is easier to crawl, index and organize and makes sharing extremely easy.
  • Managing one SEO campaign is easier than two.
  • Consumers have a positive user-experience when transitioning from a mobile to desktop view.

Responsive web design is the best option for any SEO strategy. It will not only make your SEO strategy easier, but also provide a positive user-experience across all devices.

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