How Your Law Firm Can Benefit From the Free HubSpot CRM

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If you have a law practice, a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) integrated with your website should be part of your digital strategy. A CRM can manage all of your firm’s relationships and interactions with clients and potential clients. It is designed to improve these relationships and to help you contact and nurture new leads. HubSpot’s CRM provides valuable insight into your contacts, as well as marketing, sales, customer service, and contact management tools that you can use to build trust with prospective and existing clients. It tracks leads, measures conversion, and keeps your firm streamlined. Also, it’s free. And easy to use.

Free HubSpot CRM for Law Firms

Why is the HubSpot CRM Perfect for Law Firms?

For law firms a prospect can take weeks to make a decision. HubSpot can help you stay in touch with them, providing support throughout the decision process. It tracks prospects from the time they first visit your site until they become a client, providing valuable conversion data. Its features can help with client management, marketing, and sales efforts, and it only takes a few minutes to set up. 

HubSpot’s CRM Highlights:

  • Organize contacts
  • Track all interactions with potential and existing clients
  • Measure success
  • Connect your employees with a central location of information
  • View website activity — access to a contact’s page views, form submissions, sales activity and more provides insight into visitor behavior
  • Option to access HubSpot’s free Marketing, Sales, and Service hubs
  • User-friendly — intuitive interface and basic features make it easy to get started

The more your firm grows, the more it can benefit from a CRM. Without an automated system, managing contact and client information with an accurate record and staying on top of reminders and tasks can lead to inefficiency and missed opportunities. The HubSpot CRM can be customized to keep track of your business relationships and help your practice grow. It records contacts’ website activity to identify prospective clients, and has built-in reporting that provides valuable metrics.

(Just Some of the) Free HubSpot CRM Tools: 

1. HubSpot Sources Report 

The Sources Report is similar to Google Analytics in that it shows analytics by traffic source, but it also tracks visits, contacts, and clients. When a contact becomes a client, the Sources Report identifies which channel they went through (site visits, social media, etc), and tracks how the contact first arrived at the website. With digital marketing, you can also use HubSpot’s Sources Report to track ad spending and ROI. 

2. Contacts/Lead Management

When you can see where your leads originate, you can be more deliberate (and successful) with your digital marketing efforts. With this feature, HubSpot tracks how each site visitor converts to a lead and then a case. It shows you leads that:

  • Filled out a case evaluation or contact form
  • Reached your site after searching keywords, like “personal injury lawyer”
  • Signed up to receive free content
  • Came through your chat software
  • Became a case

Contact conversion information is invaluable. It shows you which pages are leading to generation, how effective your social media efforts are, and the average timeline for conversion from site visitor to new case.

3. Email

For law firms, email is the most common form of communication used to convert leads into cases. Use HubSpot’s email function if you want to stay in touch with leads throughout the client engagement process.

Create custom email templates that can auto-populate with contact’s information to help personalize and save time on marketing emails.

You can also track if an emails been received, opened, and if links within your email have been clicked on. This can help you learn what works and doesn’t work when interacting with clients.

The HubSpot CRM can also connect to your Gmail or Outlook account to send email from the CRM, provide your team with a shared email account and a number of other benefits.

4. Ad Management

With this feature, you can connect accounts from supported ad networks to your HubSpot account. This way you will have access to reporting on which ads are generating feedback.

Hubspot’s Free CRM has the Tools to Improve Your Marketing Conversions

With the HubSpot CRM, you won’t have to manually update records and you’ll always know how your firm’s marketing is performing. Reports on your team members’ productivity will provide the information you need to encourage improvement and provide training. You’ll be able to connect with contacts and clients using free tools for ticketing, shared email, and live chat, while referring to a clear, central record of interactions and any information you might need to provide a helpful response.

You can manage your business relationships all in one place, and add forms to your site — with no coding experience — to convert visitors into leads. TheeDigital can help you get started by implementing HubSpots comprehensive CRM, so that you can spend less time managing and tracking clients and more time helping them.

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