How to Build an Email Marketing List

For a company that is just beginning to build an email marketing campaign, it can seem challenging to find new email addresses to add to your marketing list. Try these techniques to grow your email marketing list!

For most businesses having a weekly or monthly newsletter is essential to their marketing and sales strategies. Sending emails directly to your customers or prospects has many benefits over social media marketing and other forms of traditional marketing.

According to a recent study by McKinsey, “Email marketing is nearly 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter at acquiring customers.” While the reasons for this are numerous, it boils down to this: with email marketing, customers and prospects are guaranteed to see your message, and are far more likely to read the message and respond to it. Visibility and engagement are the key words to focus on here.

For a company that is just beginning to build an email marketing campaign, it can seem challenging to find new email addresses to add to your marketing list. Even companies with large email lists can use these techniques to grow and focus their efforts. Below are several techniques that you can use to collect the email addresses of potential customers who are interested in your business and products.

Grow Your Email Marketing List

Great Content

It may seem obvious, but the better your newsletter is, the more likely subscribers are to continue reading them and forward them to their friends and colleagues. A great newsletter will contain important updates, videos, pictures, useful tips and articles that cannot be found anywhere else.

Through Your Website

Set up a newsletter page on your website and link to it from many high visibility areas on your website like the homepage, contact page and about page. Be sure to include a great description of what content they can expect to receive in the newsletters as well.

Make An Offer Too Good To Refuse

Create a landing page on your website offering something that is too good for your customers to refuse, then require your visitors to enter their email address before they can download it. For example you could give away a free eBook, whitepaper, video seminar, or something similar. You could also offer a 30 day free trial, if your website is a subscription service. It is best to avoid offering physical items, as it is costly to make and ship them. Here is an example of an eBook offer from CRM company Salesforce.


Create a contest where entrants must enter their email address to win something valuable that your customers would want to have like an iPad, gift card, vacation or tickets to an important event. Make sure you promote your contest on your website and on social media. There are also websites where you can promote your contest like Keep in mind the users of those websites are interested in the items you are giving away, not your business. This will get you traffic and emails, but they may not be interested in your newsletters and could quickly unsubscribe.


Setup an online webinar where an expert at your company will discuss a topic that is of interest in your industry (for example, how to build an email marketing list) then require people to enter their email to attend. Webinars are fantastic because they are live events that force interested parties to act quickly, which builds your email list faster than any other method. A webinar only happens when it is scheduled and only a certain number of people can attend, so a prospect who wants to attend will rush to sign up so they don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn something that can affect their life or business. Just make sure your webinar is worth the price of admission!

Social Media

It is always a good idea to frequently post about your newsletter on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Make sure you link back to your newsletter signup page on your website as well! You can talk about what will be featured in the newsletter as a way to entice interested parties into signing up.


When your company attends events or tradeshows collect the email addresses of people that you meet then import them into your email list later. These are often the most engaged subscribers you can acquire because you have already had face-to-face interaction with them.

User Registrations

If your website has any features that require a user to sign up for, such as forums, posting comments, uploading files, viewing restricted areas, messaging, etc., make sure you are collecting their email addresses at sign up. Make sure you also give users the option to opt-out of your newsletters during the sign up process.


If your company has videos on YouTube, consider adding links to sign up for your newsletter in the video description. You can also create annotations (popups) in the video itself that link to your newsletter sign up page. Be sure to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter in the actual video itself too. You can also include links to relevant pages on your website to drive traffic as well.

Keep At It!

The most important thing of all is to constantly work towards gaining new email addresses. Every day people change their email addresses and unsubscribe from email lists, so you must always work to keep your email lists current and growing.

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