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How to Choose an SEO Company

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Knowing how to choose an SEO company can be the difference between a surge in organic traffic, better ranking, and increased conversions or a decrease in organic search ranking. We’ve even seen clients come to us after a previous SEO agency implemented blackhat techniques and the website began disappearing from Google search results.

A good search engine optimization campaign is a necessary marketing requirement for every business. Unfortunately, the search engine market is difficult to tap into, since every business wants to show up at the top of the results for their keywords. In order to have a presence online, a business needs to invest in an effective online marketing campaign with a company that can produce results.

Selecting the right SEO company can be a daunting task, especially with the number of emerging SEO firms. Here are some things to look for and consider when choosing an SEO company.

How to Choose an SEO Company

1. Look at an Agencies Portfolio

An agency’s portfolio is a window into its experience and success. It provides tangible evidence of their capabilities and the types of projects they have successfully handled. When assessing a portfolio, look for a variety of projects, particularly those that are similar to your own business. This not only demonstrates the agency’s ability to handle projects like yours but also gives you insights into their approach and the results they’ve achieved for other clients.

How does the agency’s website rank?

Has this company successfully optimized its site for search engines? Do they show up in searches for their keywords? If they haven’t been able to help themselves develop an excellent online presence, chances are, they won’t be able to help you, either. Take a look at some of the other companies they have promoted and check their rankings on Google.

2. Choose an Ethical Company

Before researching SEO companies, it is a good idea for any business owner to familiarize themselves with the basics of SEO. To know how it works, what it is, and how results are realistically achieved is important when it comes to distinguishing between ethical and shady SEO practices.

Before signing a contract with an SEO company, make sure they are adhering to the guidelines of search engines. Black Hat SEO, which is a term for unethical optimization practices, can produce quick traffic, but eventually ban you from having any presence online. Does the agency do the work in-house or do they outsource it to third parties in another country?

3. No one can Guarantee Results

Along the same lines as ethics, pay attention to what an agency guarantees. If a company says that they “Guarantee” a certain place on Google, or a certain number of visitors to your site, steer clear. It is impossible for anyone to promise a specific rank, since Google refuses payment for priority submissions or higher rankings, so the promise you want is that they will follow the search engine guidelines for quality of work and the search engine optimization process.

Google’s search algorithm is constantly being updated and tweaked. It’s important to choose an agency that stays on top of these updates and is plugged into the latest changes.

4. Check an SEO Companies Reviews

Check testimonials and reviews for the SEO service provider you may potentially work with. Besides the testimonials on their website, look for other comments by searching online. If they have numerous negative reviews, you are likely to find them. Also check out their BBB profile and social networking sites to see how they interact online and get a better feel for their work culture.

5. Expect Transparency – Don’t fall for “Secret Sauce”

If a company is willing to answer all of your questions and fully clarify any doubts by offering SEO information, this is a good sign. Beware of companies who may be secretive about their process, practices, or employees. If they are hiding anything, it’s likely that they are practicing black hat SEO and operating under unethical standards. SEO isn’t rocket science, and nor is it a secret formula. A good SEO firm will share its process, explain why they do things a certain way, and teach you more about what SEO is and how it works.

Industry-specific Thought Leadership

Agencies that are led by or employ recognized thought leaders in the SEO industry often have a competitive edge. These individuals are typically at the forefront of SEO trends and best practices, bringing a wealth of knowledge and innovative strategies to the table. An agency with industry thought leaders is likely to be more adept at navigating the ever-changing SEO landscape and can provide advanced insights and strategies.

6. Cheap, Fast, and Easy Doesn’t Exist

Although internet marketing is the most affordable method of advertising, proper SEO takes time and funding. Because it isn’t immediate and cannot be done overnight, any company that charges a one-time fee is probably not worth it. Search Engines are constantly changing their algorithms and internet marketing should be a gradual, ongoing process in order to achieve the best results over time. A better way to handle SEO is by monthly or annual contracts to ensure that the SEO company is maintaining the results and promoting your site continuously.

SEO is a long-term strategy, and results typically start showing after about 100 days. However, remember that no agency can guarantee immediate success. The right agency will set realistic expectations and work diligently towards achieving your SEO goals.

When it comes to digital marketing and SEO.

There is no fast and cheap solution. If it where easy, fast, and cheap. Then everyone would rank number 1 for the terms they want.

7. They Provide More Than Just a Report

Before you sign up with a company, ask them about how they report results. Google Analytics is great, but more than that, it’s important that they are analyzing where the site is going and what is working or not working. The best SEO firms cater your marketing plan based on results from previous months. Make sure they aren’t just showing you numbers, but analyzing and interpreting the observations to help move your company forward.

Red Flags When Choosing an SEO Agency

While budget considerations are important, ultra-low pricing can often be a warning sign. SEO is a resource-intensive process that involves research, strategy development, content creation, and continuous optimization. Agencies offering services at suspiciously low prices may cut corners, use automated tactics, or engage in unethical SEO practices. It’s essential to compare pricing in the context of the market and the scope of services offered. Remember, in SEO, as in many other services, you often get what you pay for.

How to choose an SEO company is important

If your business is in the market for an experienced SEO agency to handle your online presence, be sure to address the topics in this article. Although there definitely are some shady black-hat SEO practices, there are also many good SEO companies who can help your business reputation grow in a good way.

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