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This past weekend my co-workers and I attended WordCamp Raleigh, a conference allowing Wordpress users of all skill-levels to learn more about how they can make Wordpress work for them and their business. As a new Wordpress user myself, I thought it would be helpful to post what I’ve learned in my first three weeks with TheeDigital. Hopefully it will help other Wordpress beginners understand the benefits to using this powerful content management system and encourage them to keep learning.

1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Breaking The Site

Breaking their website is the biggest concern I have heard from clients. And I admit, I too was terrified of breaking our site. However, it is EXTREMELY hard to do.  On the off chance that you do end up breaking the site, rest assured that you can restore everything with a simple fix. Don’t be afraid to play around with the back-end; click on the different pages, posts, and form buttons and see what they are doing for your site. The more you understand how your site works, the easier it will be to maintain and update, which makes increasing your traffic and followers a breeze.

2. Quality Traffic Is Better Than Quantity Of Traffic

traffic lightWould you rather have 10 friends that you see sporadically, who also tend to talk about each other behind their backs OR 1 friend that you can always count on for advice and has your best interest at heart? I would choose that 1 friend. The same principles work for your website traffic: Would you rather have 20 visits that only go to your homepage and leave (creating a high bounce rate) or 5 visits where the visitor navigates through the entire website, watches videos and reads the blog posts. I would want those 5 visits. Those 5 visitors are more engaged on your site and are more likely to recommend you or your site to others they know. They could possibly bookmark your site and continually check back for your next blog post. Who knows, they could even end up creating a backlink for you, giving you more authority in your industry. Quality trumps quantity when it comes to Wordpress and it will increase your awareness not only in the community but in your industry.

3. Don’t Neglect Your Site

Regular maintenance is required for your Wordpress site. The great thing about using a CMS site is that you can update your content, blog, images, contact information, etc. all by yourself. It’s extremely user-friendly and allows you much more control over the information you want to share with the World Wide Web. Get to know the different aspects of your CMS, as I stated before: you can’t break the site! Another plus of updating your site, Google likes to see new information being posted whether it’s a blog entry, an added page or video or even comments from viewers and blog readers. When Google notices this kind of activity, you will have a better chance of rising in the search engine rankings, which in turn will increase your site visits and ability to gain new customers or followers.

4. Schedule A Wordpress Date

WordPress Date That being said- It’s a great idea to schedule a Wordpress Date between you and your website. Dedicating a specific time and place to work on your site will not only allow you consistency in regular maintenance and blog posts, but will increase your chances of gaining a following. Blog readers are more apt to follow someone who regularly posts blogs and writes about information directly related to your website topic (which goes back to knowing your market).

5. Know Your Limitations

Taking on Wordpress can be overwhelming, there is a lot going on behind the scenes to make even the newest internet marketer intimidated to learn how to use it. While you should be able to navigate your site’s backend, don’t feel like you have to should have to create a code or add a theme. Understanding your limitations and knowing that there are internet marketing specialists (ahem, TheeDigital) there to help you figure out the more difficult aspects will only make learning Wordpress so much easier and you more inclined to use it. I didn’t learn how to maneuver Wordpress overnight. It took multiple attempts at posting, adding pages and asking LOTS of questions for me to get where I am today. I am still just beginning to understand the greatness of Wordpress and how it empowers users with the ability to manage their own website. But practice makes perfect and I’m on my way to becoming just that.
If you aren’t familiar with WordPress, give it a try by installing it on your own computer. Or if you need assistance making your website vision a working reality – contact one of our WordPress designers at TheeDigital in Raleigh, NC at 919-341-8901 or schedule a consultation to get the project started for you.

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