The Best Call Tracking Tools That Work with WordPress Websites and HubSpot

Take control of your lead analytics with these call tracking tools for WordPress. They also integrate with Hubspot to make your process even easier.

What Does A Call Tracking Tool Do?

To grow your business, you need data. For example, data on how your efforts are working or who is interested in your service or product. Info like this gives you the power to tweak your strategy and see more conversions. Call tracking tools tell you from which marketing effort a call came. Using dynamic number insertion, a unique number is presented on your website based on the path that your visitor took to arrive there. When someone calls in, you can then associate that number with an online campaign and gain meaningful analytics. This is highly important considering a lot of businesses get the majority of their leads via phone. If you’re just tracking form submissions from your website, you really don’t have a clear picture of what is going on with your overall strategy.

The right tool can let you know if a lead came from more specific places, for example, from an email, paid advertisement, or from organic SERPs. Many tools don’t only cover calls, but can also help you track form submissions and chat/text messages through your site too.

Below we’ll explore some call tracking tools which have WordPress plugins, you’ll learn about their respective capabilities and how integration with HubSpot puts you at an even greater advantage in the data and conversions game.

Best Call Tracking Tools for WordPress

What’s the HubSpot Advantage?

If you’re familiar with HubSpot, you know just how important it is for keeping track of sales, leads and marketing campaigns. It’s a CRM and contact management tool that you can use along with your WordPress website. With the plugin, your web forms will sync with your HubSpot account and your contacts will be updated with information about their activity on your site. HubSpot brings you the power of email marketing, live chats and chatbots, marketing automation and more to help you organize and analyze inbound leads from one convenient platform. 

Integrating a good call tracking tool with your HubSpot account will give you more power and convenience when analyzing performance of sites and campaigns and communicating with leads.


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CallRail - The Best Call Tracking Tool for WordPress

CallRail has been a big player within the call tracking/call analytics world in recent years for good reason. Besides being a useful tool, it’s known for easy setup and intuitive use. One way you can understand how your web pages work in conversion terms is by using the WordPress plugin to track call button performance. Other great ways CallRail can assist you:

  • Reroute phone calls based on business hours
  • Transcribe calls and have keywords pulled from them
  • Push phone call conversions data into Google Analytics with integration
  • Track conversions back to the keyword level and see what people searched before calling, not just that they came from Google ads for example.

An added benefit: This plugin has a form tracking tool. From this you can track the origin of your site’s form submissions. You’ll be able to see actions your site visitor took before they submitted a form.

When integrated with HubSpot, you can track and record your incoming calls right in your HubSpot account. It can update your contact records based on each new call and will include:

  • A link to the call recording
  • How long the call lasted
  • The original and final marketing points your lead came across

If you’re both a CallRail and HubSpot customer, the integration is free.


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CallTrackingMetrics - a Call Tracking Tool for WordPress

This is another well respected tool in the call tracking world. With its attribution offerings, you’ll gain valuable knowledge by knowing which pages, campaigns and keyword strategies are generating phone calls. The WordPress widget also offers mobile click-to-call call tracking so you can make needed adjustments in your mobile lead generation planning.

Integrating with HubSpot gives you the power to create new contacts within HubSpot based on your inbound callers via CallTrackingMetrics. Info synced on forms, texts and calls helps you to trigger workflows in HubSpot.


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WhatConverts Call Tracking Plugin for WordPress

WhatConverts offers call tracking, form tracking and chat tracking. It’s platform gives you the tools to easily search and filter, qualify and export your leads elsewhere. You’ll also benefit from marketing reports and intelligence to better fine-tune your strategies for each channel and keyword.

Once you integrate this to HubSpot via Zapier, your leads will be available in your HubSpot CRM.  Having these leads synchronized to HubSpot gives you more flexibility and reach with following up and remarketing.


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Retreaver Call Tracking Plugin that Works with WordPress

Reatreaver offers quality call tracking services and can also help with routing calls to the right person in your company. HubSpot integration makes it all the more useful. Some great ways this tool can help you include:

  • Harvesting info from caller sessions and combining it with data from customer info in your HubSpot account. That’ll add various data tags, helping to develop a profile for your customer.
  • Have a call routed to the HubSpot contact owner of your choice so you’ll have optimal chances of converting.
  • It also can add calls and their recordings to your HubSpot contact timeline, allowing you to keep track of conversations in detail.
  • This tool can generate reporting on the outcome of calls

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