Why You Should Update Your Dental Website Regularly

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Ah, the necessity of regular maintenance. Just like appointments to your dentist office to make sure your dental care is up to par, the same goes for your website.

Regular Raleigh Dentist Website Updates
It doesn’t matter how much money or time you put into the initial web design, development, or hosting. Neglecting it will eventually give you no benefit. You have to maintain your website in order to keep it “healthy.”

Online Reputation in the Dentist Field

Just like if someone doesn’t take care of their teeth it would suggest to a dentist that they are lazy and can’t keep up with responsibilities, a dental office that has an outdated website may come across as unprofessional. Making sure your website is up-to-date shows a level of professionalism, that you are staying on top of the latest technologies and trends, and that you are engaged in trends and current in the dental field.

Monitoring Your Dental Office Website’s Technical Health

As a dentist, how would you know if someone’s mouth was healthy or not if you didn’t look in it? You can relate this to a website, as you wouldn’t know if there was anything wrong unless you monitored the technical details of it. From making sure your host server is functioning properly, to reviewing your files and links, to monitoring website statistics to see how your traffic is ranking and where it’s coming from; these are all details that need to be monitored to make sure your dental website is at its optimal health.

Ranking for Dentist in the Search Engines

Search engines like Google like to see fresh, up-to-date content when they send spiders to index the internet. Websites with regular updates get more attention and do better in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). Most dental office websites are static, meaning the content on them doesn’t change much. Because of this, there are other internet marketing tactics to employ in order to give fresh content to your site. Blogs and linking back to your website via social media outlets are just a few examples.

Need Help With Maintaining Your Raleigh Dentist Office Website?

If you are a dentist in Raleigh and need help maintaining your website, our internet marketing team is here to help! Our team can monitor your analytics, keep your blog updated, redesign your dental office website, and make sure you’re ranking online using search engine optimization tactics.
Contact the web developers at TheeDigital in Raleigh, NC at 919-341-8901 or schedule a consultation to discuss your dentist website today!.

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