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Why You Should Invest in a New Website Before the End of the Year

Richard Horvath
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Big profits are always a good thing in business. But of course they also can come with a big tax bill. So as another year draws to a close, business owners are thinking about how to offset gross profits so Uncle Sam doesn’t wind up with money that could have been invested in the business. Sometimes that looks like investing in capital equipment or issuing bigger employee bonuses. While these items are valuable in and of themselves, they don’t directly impact future profitability. On the other hand, investing in a new or upgraded website and digital marketing plan can directly affect future sales and profitability. And many business owners choose to pay upfront for web design and marketing services before year’s end to get the added benefit of reducing their tax liability for the current year.
lower your tax payment with a new website
Let’s take a closer look at why investing in a new or upgraded website and digital marketing services before the end of the year is a great way to increase future sales and save you money at tax time.

Are Your Website and Digital Marketing Plan Lead-Gen Machines? They Should Be.

If your audience can’t find you (and even if they do, your current website is poorly designed), you’re missing out on leads. It’s that simple. So investing now in an upgrade—or a new website, if you don’t currently have one—is vital to generating future leads and raising conversion rates in the new year. But so is having a digital marketing plan. A website without a marketing plan is like a car without gas. So ask yourself some of the following questions to help you determine if your current website and digital marketing strategy are generating high-volume, high-quality leads—because if not, it’s time to invest in them. (And why not gain a tax benefit by doing so before the year wraps up?)

Are Your Leads Finding You?

Your prospects should be finding you, not the other way around. If your current marketing strategy involves you going to your customers, we can fix that with a digital marketing plan that incorporates social media, email marketing, and blogging.

Are You Using the Right Tools?

Are you taking advantage of analytics? If not, you should consider investing in a digital marketing plan that incorporates good analytics tools. You need good data on your website visitors and customers, and tools like Google Analytics can provide you with valuable insights about who’s visiting your website, how long they’re staying and where traffic is coming from. Plus, with good analytics, you can even identify and enter new markets to generate even more leads. The good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself. There are many full-service agencies that can provide web design (including analytic tools) and digital marketing strategies.

Is Your Website Optimized?

When your website is designed with digital marketing and SEO in mind, its structure and page layouts will be optimized for your target audience, keywords and location(s). And that means higher conversion rates. Plus, an effective website should be beautiful, user-friendly, and engaging. If a user isn’t compelled to click on your call to action (CTA)—or worse, can’t even find it—the lead generation cycle grinds to a complete halt. Is your site compatible with all devices and screen sizes? If your website looks great on a monitor but looks clunky and sloppy on a smartphone, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. If you aren’t optimizing your website and supporting it with a solid digital marketing plan, year’s end is a great time to invest upfront for these services that will pay off hugely in the new year. (Pro tip: Be sure to do your research and find an agency that can deliver on creativity and uses the most up-to-date technology.)

Are You Choosing Who You Want to Work With?

If not, investing in a website supported by a great digital marketing plan is an effective way to ensure you’re working with your ideal customer in the upcoming year. Because with the right website and digital strategy, you’ll capture more leads and find yourself in the enviable position of choosing who you want to work with. This is yet another excellent reason to invest in your website and marketing plan. And by paying for services upfront, before year’s end, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor once tax time rolls around.

Wrap Up the Year with a Solid Investment

If your website and digital marketing strategy aren’t generating a large number of leads that are likely to convert, it’s time to update them. And by paying for services now, before the year closes out, your cash resources go towards growing your business, not towards lining Uncle Sam’s pockets. At TheeDigital, we build beautiful websites optimized for the best user experience and designed to work together with a highly effective digital marketing strategy. Learn how we can help your business in the new year by calling 919-341-8901 or claiming your free site audit.

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Richard Horvath

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