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The process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or unpaid (organic) search results.

Basically, SEO is getting your website to the top of a SERP (Search Engine Result Page). If you knew that already, you’re ahead of the curve and probably know enough about SEO to help a little with your own site’s ranking.  Understanding the fundamentals is a great starting point for everything, right? Still, with the wave of the future in internet marketing, what used to be simple SEO is not so, well, simple, anymore.  Search Engine Optimization requires constant attention.  Search engines use complex and undisclosed algorithms to determine ranking and, as if that wasn’t frustrating enough, they constantly tweak it to avoid being tricked.  To be successful in SEO you have to be consistently working, tweaking, and monitoring nit-picky details, both on and off-site.  As the (now famous) Sweet Brown would say, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!”
Sweet Brown - hire an SEO expert
Ok. So MOST nobody got time for that.  This is where internet marketing and SEO experts chime in and say, “allow me!”  After all, you may be able to change your oil by yourself, but unless you are a mechanic by trade, you wouldn’t replace the transmission in your car. You have to be careful when choosing who to handle your SEO, as possible vendors will honestly believe they have SEO expertise, but they haven’t kept up with the ever-changing tactics for search engines. Using techniques from last year won’t optimize performance for this year.  Also, there are a lot of unethical ways to optimize a site.  These tactics may work for a while, but one can bet sooner than later the brilliant minds behind search engines such as Google, will figure out the round-about way of doing things and will shut it down. Simply said, SEO is very time-constraining, and if terms like “keyword analysis,” “CSS/XHTML codes, titles, metatags and headers,” “robots.txt,”  “on-site blogging,” and “link-building” have you going, “HUH?” then yeah, it’s about time you hire an expert!
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