Website Design & Marketing for Your Target Audience

When designing your website, it’s important to “start with the end in mind” and know who you’re talking to, what they care about, and what functionality the website may need to offer said audiences. How can your web design and digital marketing team work with you to identify the right segments?

When we work with an organization to update or create their new WordPress website, part of the process for our web developers and project managers is discussing the organization’s target audience for the site. It’s important to “start with the end in mind,” and know who you’re talking to, what they care about, and what functionality the website may need to offer said audience(s).

From a digital marketer’s perspective, taking time to identify the audience segments your online presence will be targeting is absolutely crucial. Many businesses we work with have a good grip on what audiences they have the best traction with, but that’s not always who their website is talking to or reaching. This disconnect is a huge problem, and raises a red flag on the importance of reviewing your target audience and buyer segments – even if you think you know who they are.

It’s just a website – why does my target audience matter?

Your target audience in the web design process

Designing a website requires proper planning and thought to how each user segment will interact with the website. Certain audiences may require content written in different tones or contexts – for instance, a technical IT director who is vetting your product/service for purchase will need the information presented to them differently than say a business-level associate who is just beginning their comparative research.

Your target audience for digital marketing & SEO

Once your website has been designed and launched, users among the different audience segments should be having positive experiences on the site. They should be easily finding the information they’re looking for (as a best practice, we use the “3 click rule” – a user should reach their destination by 3 clicks), and the information should resonate with them enough for them to complete an action (i.e. call now, request a quote, schedule an appointment).

Without pausing to properly outline your audience’s pain points, needs, and other buyer persona information, your website loses its ability to be effective. Even worse, it drastically reduces your chance of remaining competitive!

Learn more about the basics of target audiences and buyer personas for websites and digital marketing.

Beginning with the end in mind to attract, engage & convert

If you’re thinking of revamping your existing website or creating a new one, make sure that you begin with the end in mind.

Businesses that jump the gun and skip this important step of mapping out your key buyer segments always meet the same fate: The website is not optimized for the right users, and optimizing for SEO cost-effectively and efficiently becomes practically impossible. This is why it’s so important to not overlook this step in the process.

Work with the web developers and marketing experts to identify your target audiences, determine which segments will be most profitable, and how the website and marketing should work together to successfully attract, engage, and covert said segments.

Case study: IUPAC

In the case of IUPAC, our custom web developers utilized the flexibility of WordPress to design features specifically tailored to the needs of the individual audience segments that would be using the site.

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) is the world authority on chemical terminology and nomenclature. IUPAC’s target audience segments each require different features and custom functionality on the website. IUPAC’s old site did not take into consideration the diverse groups that would be using their site.

Target audiences of IUPAC

IUPAC uses their website as a resource for multiple global audience segments, including:

  • Scientists publishing research and sharing the latest periodic table news
  • Knowledge experts collaborating on projects
  • Members browsing industry events
  • Prospective members wishing to learn more and join IUPAC
  • Global communities coming together to build a resource to freely exchange scientific information

The IUPAC website appears to be comprehensive and cohesive website. However, it was strategically designed to appeal to multiple user types and target audiences.

TheeDesign’s web and marketing pros were able to identify the right segments to design one, unified, easy-to-use site that catered to each group’s specific needs.

Here are examples of how the website is used to cater to three of the above segment’s unique needs and requirements:


IUPAC Events Page


IUPAC News Page


IUPAC Projects Page

Read the full IUPAC case study, or give us a shout to see how our experts can help your organization.

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