User Interactions That Impact Your Website Ranking

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Did you know that your user actions determine what is seen in search engines? Determined by actions you have done in the past, certain websites might rank higher or lower in the search engine ranking pages. The goal of any Raleigh internet marketer is to get a user to visit a website and do a particular action, based on the goal of that particular website. How these users perform this goal and navigate your website can have huge ramifications on your website.

User Experience’s Impact on Website Ranking

Your users affect your website more than you might know. People are always talking about how user interface and user experience is important, not just to create a good looking website, but to help keep your customers from clicking away. This is all great for the design team, but it’s important that you know that user experience can have dramatic effects on your SEO.

Bounce Rate Impact on Website Ranking

With so many factors out there in Google’s algorithm, it would not surprise too many of us if many of our key performance indicators (KPI) affected your search engine positioning. For example, if a user clicks on your site and immediately bounces away from it, that’s telling Google that your website doesn’t offer anything relevant to the keyword that was used to find it. Bounce rate is just one of the many actions that a user can performs that affects your search engine performance. Additional ones include:
  1. Time on Site – Just like bounce rate, a high or low time on site might serve as a signal of authority for Google and the other search engines.
  2. Click Through Rate – PPC ads are known to rotate based on their click through rate, so it’s no surprise if Google does the same thing with some of their organic listings.
  3. Bookmarks – Google is tracking data based on their popular Chrome browser.  This includes copying the data of the websites people have Bookmarked and Favorited.
  4. Direct Traffic Data – Do people search for your website or do they go directly to it?  If a lot of people are going directly to your site, many people believe this will help your website show up higher in the search engine ranking pages.
  5. Repeat Traffic – Yes, Google is tracking everything we do. So if a website has a lot of repeat traffic, there’s a chance that Google will then use that data to rank a website higher with more authority.
Do you think any of your other KPI’s are affecting your positioning? If so let us know in the comments below.
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