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The Best Open Source CMS of 2011

Managing a business website is now easier than ever with the availability of open source Content Management Systems (CMS). So which CMS received our vote for best CMS of 2011?

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The year is coming to a close. Many websites have been created and published, leaving the question: which open source CMS was the best in 2011? Managing a business website is now easier than ever with the availability of open source Content Management Systems (CMS). A CMS allows a business owner to update and edit their website’s content without advanced webmaster or programming skills. A good CMS helps you:
  • keep your website well organized
  • reduce site maintenance costs
  • generate and manage sales leads
WordPress is a very popular blog posting platform. But what many people don’t know is that it is also an excellent open source CMS. Here at TheeDigital, we use WordPress to design and build websites for our clients. Our designers and developers customize the CMS to fit each client’s needs and design preferences. A few reasons why we believe WordPress is the best open source CMS of 2011:
    • Supportive global community.
Since WordPress is so widely used, there is an abundance of tutorials and help forums available to find any and all information a developer could possibly need in customizing the CMS.
    • Easy content editing.
Once the design and development are done, our clients love the user-friendly CMS platform that allows them to update their content, post blogs or company news, or update contact information.
    • Search engine friendliness.
WordPress makes it easy to optimize websites for search engine results. That means your site is more likely to land on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing results when someone is searching for your keywords.
    • Sales lead management.
We design websites are not just pretty, but are powerful marketing tools. WordPress is great for keeping track of your internet leads coming from your website and submitting information on your website contact form.
If you are looking for a professional web design and internet marketing company who not just creates good looking websites but powerful marketing tools, give us a call at 919-341-8901 or click here to schedule a consultation with one of our web experts.

About The Author:
Richard Horvath

Richard Horvath is the founder of TheeDigital, a Raleigh based award-winning web design and digital marketing agency. He is proud of his team and the results that they provide to their clients.

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