The Benefits of Professional Web Hosting

Was your website out a few weeks ago because of GoDaddy? Just because GoDaddy is able to afford race cars and super bowl commercials doesn't mean they are a good website hosting provider.

Was your website out a few weeks ago?  If so you were probably being hosted by GoDaddy (the popular web host for many people around the world).

Before we say anything, did you happen to see this headline a few weeks back?  Web hosting company GoDaddy experienced a period of company-wide outages taking down tons of nationwide websites across the nation.

Bad GoDaddy Web Hosting

But this post is not about bashing GoDaddy, or any other large-scale hosting service that focuses on small to mid-sized business.   This post is about the benefits of utilizing a professional, local, proven hosting service.   After all, for every job, there is the proper tool.

For example: many of us would prefer to have the dealership that sold you your car, knows your car inside and out, and knows your objectives for the car.  Now, carry that example over to your choice of who will host your newly-launched business website.  Would you prefer to keep all of your internet presence-related activity under one tent, or spread the jobs out to a variety of far-flung service providers?

At TheeDigital, we provide full service internet marketing options: design it here, develop it here and have it reside here.  Additionally, with TheeDigital’s tiered hosting approach, you can find the hosting level that best fits your needs – after all, website hosting is not a one size fits all proposition.   We offer everyone a full slate of tools to get the job done.  And who would know that better than the firm that built your website from the ground up?

So if you are looking for web hosting options why not start at the company who built your website?  They would know about it more than you.  Remember, you built your website with care, thought and focus; now give it a nice home in which to reside.

It’ll thank you for doing so. Every day. Without interruption…

Are you looking to partner with a professional web design company, who will do more than just launch your website and run away with your money? Contact the Raleigh Web Design Experts at TheeDigital in Raleigh, NC at 919-341-8901 or schedule a consultation.

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