Start Blogging & Increase Your Google Ranking

Blogging can increase your profits and ROI... so what are you waiting for?

Blogs are big business, and since you are reading this we think you agree. Some business owners think that blogging is a waste of time and downright annoying. However, if you are doing business or generating leads via the web, then a blog is a powerful tool that can help your business grow.

A blog is a good way to keep in contact with your customers and potential clients. If done properly it will start a two-way conversation with your readers. When you write about your products, services or industry with knowledge, you have the ability to attract attention and earn repeat visitors.

However, there is much more to blogging than readership and information. There is this little thing called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, that is pretty popular these days. Check out these three benefits that could improve your Google ranking.

1) Targeted Keywords
Blogs loaded with targeted keywords, phrases and related terms can increase the chance of your blogs being seen whenever related search terms are used by potential customers. Once they are on your blog, make sure it is well written, informative… and have a link to your products and services!

2) Fresh Content
Once your site is complete and operational, adding new content can prove difficult unless you have a new product or service. Having a blog can remedy that by providing original and fresh content every time you post an article. Websites that are updated on a regular basis will be “crawled” by search engine spiders more often that will often result in a better search engine ranking.

3) More Links
Incoming links will normally result in a better search engine ranking for your site and generate more traffic. Readers will want to link your blog to other sites if you are writing informative, industry related blogs that provide quality information. Google likes it when other sites like you!

Blogging makes smart business sense on many levels and it is only getting bigger. Your friends at TheeDigital can help you get started with our custom blog development services. If you would like set up a no-hassle consultation at our Raleigh office, please call 919.341.8901 or simply fill out the contact form.