How to Plan, Build, and Market a Professional Website?

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So you want to build a website for your company? The biggest mistake companies make when engaging in the website development process is a failure to determine the purpose or goal for their site. Here at TheeDigital, we will help you build a plan to get the best looking and search engine friendly website. As part of TheeDigital‘s website development process, we will accomplish all of the following to make sure your website is a success:

Find Its Purpose

The reason your company is in business is to make sales and create revenue. So, why build something without establishing its purpose? As part of our process, we will lead you through a series of questions that will help you understand the true purpose or goal for your website. Is it the primary goal of yourwebsite to provide information about who you are or are you looking for more? These days, chances are good that simply looking for information may not be the real reason people are coming to your site.

Creative Strategy

Now that we have determined the goal of your website, it is time to develop a creative strategy to help it achieve its purpose and engage your target customers. What colors are going to best portray your business? How should your website be structured? What pages of content must we integrate? What will be your call to action to generate leads? TheeDigital will provide their marketing expertise to help you determine the best approach in getting the most ROI, or Return on Investment, for your website.

Website Development

Once your website concept has been created, it’s time for our website builders to begin developing your site according to your new creative strategy. TheeDigital will create a new, professional-looking layout, involving basic site structure, including, header, footer, color attributes, and creative layout. From the designed prototype, we will then create a unique website with search-engine friendly cascading style sheets (or CSS) and table-less codes. The end result will be a professional, versatile, and visually appealing website that reflects your company’s ongoing mission, stellar reputation, and desired image.

Content Integration

The next step in this process is creating search engine friendly content. The copywriters and internet marketing professionals at TheeDigital can make sure your website content accurately portrays your vision and attitude. While we write for potential customers, we also make sure the content is keyword-rich to increase your Google or Bing ranking. There is a fine line between appealing to human readers and search engine “spiders”, but we take pride in doing both! We will work with you to ensure your site is sending its intended message.

Internet Marketing

Okay, so what is next? You have great looking website, but nobody knows you. They just simply can’t find your website. At TheeDigital we will help market your website by developing, implementing and managing a comprehensive internet marketing plan for your business. We can formulate a successful internet marketing strategy that is both unique and cost-effective, which is sure to deliver results and have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Measurement & Tracking

Now that we have finished planning, building, and marketing your website, it’s time to review the impact we have created. By strategically utilizing the proper resources, the team at TheeDigital can empower you with detailed knowledge on how well your website is fulfilling its purpose, how effectively you are generating leads, conversion rates and which promotions are producing the most revenue. Two of the many measurement tools we use to help you improve your return on investment are:
  • Monthly ROI Review Meetings
  • Google Analytics Setup & Analysis
So, let’s work together. Call 919-341-8901 for a free consultation or fill out our inquiry form and one of our web design specialists will be in contact with you soon.

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