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How to Counter the Common Misconceptions of SEO

If you think that SEO could benefit your company, here’s some tips and statistics to combat your boss’ idea that SEO just isn’t worth it.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important internet marketing strategies a brand can employ to get in front of their audience. It’s no surprise however, that many people don’t understand how it benefits them long term or know how it really works.
Common Misconceptions for SEO
If you think that SEO could benefit your company, here’s some tips and statistics to combat your boss’ idea that SEO just isn’t worth it. Common Misconception #1 Customers don’t come from search. You can’t earn revenue from search? Completely false. According to Shareaholic, 270 million site visits show that natural search accounts for nearly half of all site visits. That is almost 5 times more than all social visits combined. Common Misconception #2 Only big brands appear in the search rankings. There always seems to be the same myth going around that says only uber large companies that are listed on the stock exchange and bring in enormous amounts of revenue will be able to rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs). This is entirely untrue. While brand recognition can help companies in obtaining links, search is an even playing field allowing any organization to play, if they choose to. Common Misconception #3 PPC ads will give us more long term results. PPC ads will give the short-term gratification of a sale, whereas SEO will establish a deep relationship, providing long term results. Think of it this way: When you’re fueling your body, do you go for the quick snack, or do you choose something that will sustain you longer? PPC ads are great supplement tools for SEO and can help a searcher trust a brand that shows up in both the SERPs and the sidebar. However, brands that choose to focus only on PPC ads will be missing a great deal of traffic. Common Misconception #4 Our brand already ranks well, we don’t need SEO. It’s normal for a company to rank well for their own brand, but is that how potential customers are searching for it too? Most likely people are using relevant keywords and terms to search for information, having not yet made a purchasing decision. These are the customers you will capture through SEO, hopefully converting them into lifelong ambassadors of your brand. Common Misconception #5 SEO isn’t as important as it once was. “SEO is dead.” “No one is using SEO anymore.” Wrong and wrong. SEO is very much alive, with search continuing to play a large role in how people find information and businesses. While social media marketing is also important, SEO provides a greater opportunity for people to find what they need. According to a Conductor’s analysis of more than 31 million referral visits, organic search accounts for about 70% of the visits and social accounts for 1%. SEO is a critical component to an internet marketing strategy. Inform your boss that SEO is a necessity and will help your company grow, not for just the next few months, but for years to come.
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