How Content Can Increase Sales

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A professional website is more than having a nice design and the right domain name. What you say and display on the website itself speaks volumes to your potential customers. Good content can help your visitors learn more about your products and services and encourage them to make a purchase. With the right content, your website can become a powerful selling tool for your business. Here’s a quick overview of how content affects sales and how a professional web copywriter can help make sure your website is converting visitors into paying customers!

Optimize Content with Search in Mind

Writing for the web is obviously very different than for a newspaper or magazine. It has to fit two specific audiences: search engine spiders and human readers. The spiders look at the words that your website uses and uses those to identify it for searching purposes. Human readers, however, read content that speaks to emotional reasoning. The trick is balancing descriptive with search engine technicality. Copywriters can also create blog posts which are frequently updated on your site. Having a blog on your site can help increase your search engine rankings and create a long-lasting and profitable relationship with your market.

Be Strategic With Images and Video

Images and video are also important content elements on your website because they can increase user engagement and create a personal connection with visitors. A wide variety of product images is useful, as is important displaying multiple angles and 360-degree views of those products. How-to videos can also be helpful for website visitors and reinforce user engagement with a brand or product. Video testimonials show customers giving feedback or demonstrating how to use a certain product. People tend to trust and value comments and feedback from like-minded buyers.

Highlight a Call to Action

Once you have a website visitor’s attention with great written content and interesting images, you now have to show them how to buy! A call to action is a request/direction for the visitor to do something – often the next step that a consumer could take toward the purchase of a product or service. The wording is then often accompanied by a button that users click to begin the process (i.e. “Buy Now,” “Checkout,” “Sign Up”). A professional website copywriter can use writing in a variety of different ways in order to help your business. This content is optimized using specific keywords and designed to move the reader toward an action — whether that is signing up for an e-mail marketing list, calling for a consultation or actually making a purchase.
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