How to Make Delectable Holiday Dental Marketing

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During the holiday season, it is often easy to lose track of your dental marketing in the hustle and bustle of friends, family, events, and the end of the year. With all the noise of the holidays, paying attention to how you market your dental practice seems unimportant. However, failing to use the holidays for marketing your business is a bigger mistake than replacing salt with sugar. Instead of your marketing preparations resulting in rising numbers, their absence could mean a flat, dull winter. Here are some of the secret tools and ingredients that can transform your holiday dental marketing recipe into a masterpiece that you’ll want to serve for years to come!

Your Tools

Just like any chef, the quality of the tools you use can directly impact the end result of your cooking. If you use low-quality SEO tools, your end result won’t be as good as if you had used the right tools the right way. Some of the tools you’ll need for this recipe are:

A Dental Website

This is the most important tool in your marketing arsenal. This is your slotted spoon, your spatula, and your cooking knife. This is the one tool around which all others revolve. Without a usable website, many of these other strategies are reduced, almost dangerously so. Your website is the penultimate location in which you want to find your visitors. From there, the ideal is that they convert and become patients who walk through the doors of your dental office.

Social Media Presence

The importance of your different social media accounts will vary depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. For certain campaigns, Facebook is crucial, while for others Twitter is key, and yet others recommend the touch of LinkedIn. Your digital marketing expert can help you determine which is which, but I will also make mention of them later in this post.


Much like your website, this is a crucial part of your “passive” messaging. While nothing is truly passive in marketing or cooking, there are some things that require time to come to fruition. Your blog is also a wonderful reflection of your company’s values and tastes, so a dull blog will dull reading make. There are special articles and types of articles you can write during the holidays that emphasize client interaction and dental-specific topics that I will get to deeper in this blog post.

Dental Marketing Newsletter

If your dental office sends out a monthly or quarterly newsletter, you can use this to bring tidings of comfort and joy to your clients and potential clients in the Raleigh area. Sending messages about holidays, special offers, competitions, and end-of-year greetings can be especially potent when mixed with the winter spice of holiday cheer and themes. These newsletters can also offer an entirely unique brand of holiday marketing in that the addresses and names required to send them can just as easily be used to send out “Thank You” cards and “Season’s Greetings!” cards. These can be highly useful to both stay in touch with your patients and customers as well as reinforcing the holiday spirit that your marketing should be emphasizing.

Dental Office

Your dental office is your serving platter. This is where you want everything to end up. All of your dental marketing, all of your “cooking”, should have the end goal of getting potential customers to walk through those doors. Neglecting it as part of your cooking arsenal would be counterproductive, especially since there are so many different ways you can use your office to aid in marketing.

Your Dental Marketing Ingredients

Once you’ve gathered all the tools necessary to start cooking up your holiday dental marketing, it’s time to acquire the ingredients. Various mixtures of these agreements can result in different things, but so long as they’re done right they can make your holiday marketing more delicious than it’s ever been!

Holiday Celebrations

While this would seem to be obvious, many dental offices often overlook posting about and celebrating the holidays, seeing it as too dangerous or not serious enough for someone with an D.D.S. On the contrary, if you post about all the great things you and your employees do during the holidays, it humanizes your practice and lets your clients see you without a surgical mask on. Post blogs about your holiday dinner, your Thanksgiving potluck, or your New Years’ celebrations. All of these things can show customers that you’re not only fun but also that you exist independent of your practice. To put it simply, it shows that you’re people like them! This is also advantageous because it allows you to talk about your existing crew or any new hires you might have had during the last few months. If you have a new person working at your front desk, what better way to introduce them to your clients than with a picture of them in a Santa hat (or holding a menorah)? It’s fun, it’s festive, it’s in the spirit of the season, and it gives you a pain-free way to introduce new staff members or celebrate old ones.

Holiday Dental Health Tips

Think about the holidays between October 31st and January 1st. What do all of them have in common, other than fun? You guessed it, food. Lots and lots and lots of food. As a dentist, it’s easy to see where this is going. All of this sugary food (and drink for the adults) means more cavities, which means people need to go to the dentist. Not only is this a wonderful business opportunity, but it is also a wonderful marketing opportunity. Write blog posts and social posts about the dangers of too much caramel on Halloween. Remind people to brush their teeth after Thanksgiving dinner. Tell them to floss after the Christmas holidays, and let them know about how red wine can stain their teeth. All of these dental health tips can serve multiple purposes. First, they are legitimately helpful for your existing clientele, because dental health is not on their minds while they’re spending time with family over the holiday season. Second, they allow you to do some sneaky marketing for additional customers, as searches for things like “does mulled wine stain teeth” or “tooth hurts after hard candy” spike during the holidays. With the aid of a dental SEO expert, you can get those searches to become patients by answering their questions.

Holiday Dental Promotions

The holidays are a season for giving. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah foster a spirit of charity and cheer in people that you often don’t see year-round. As such, one of the best things you can do with your dental marketing is let your customers and potential customers know what you’re doing to further that spirit. Whether it be a Toys for Tots drive, a charity gathering at the front desk, or a “buy a dental treatment for a child” drive, let your patients and potential patients get in the spirit of the season by looping them in. You can also run these drives using social media, accruing both goodwill and more likes and follows. For example, you could have a run-off between two charities to determine which would be your holiday season drive, and have people like and share the photo. All of these examples require interaction at the office, but their magnification using the above utensils can reap large benefits during the winter season.

End-of-Year Dental Insurance Usage

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, many people will naturally forget about their dental insurance entirely. This can work in your advantage as a dentist, as it allows you to be the one to remind them that they have money tied up in their insurance that they might lose if they don’t use it. If you add in reminders along with the rest of your holiday messaging, it will be a gift to your customers that they won’t soon forget. Since they’re paying for their insurance already, reminding them to actually use it before it flips over will save them money and make sure that they know you’re on their side.

Making Delicious Dental Marketing this Holiday Season

If you combine the tools and ingredients mentioned above, you can create a plethora of delicious and efficient holiday marketing plans for your dental practice. The ones you choose to use will obviously depend on your dental practice and the particular image you want to project. If your practice is renowned for your involvement in the community, health blogs and charity giveaways might suit you better. If you are a practice that wants to reinforce competence and helping your patients, you might want to mention their insurance and talk about your newest staffers. Every dental practice, much like every holiday dish, is unique and requires its own ingredients. Happy holidays and best of luck with your marketing from TheeDigital!
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