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Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits

Your non-profit can get $10,000 to spend on Google ads monthly - for free! Learn more about how you can get free money to use on AdWords with the Google Ad Grants program.

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Did you know your non-profit organization can get $10,000 to spend on Google ads monthly – for free? And that amount can increase to $40,000 a month after a few months? Learn how you can take advantage of this great deal with the Google Ad Grants program.
Google Ad Grants

What is Google Ad Grants

Google created the Ad Grants program to support the non-profit community. It allows charities to spend $10,000 per month on AdWords advertising to help get them found on Google search result pages. It can be used to promote their work, get more volunteers, and increase their visibility. Non-profits are given a generous $10,000 per month on ads if they qualify for the program. That means you can spend $329 per day advertising your cause. You also have the potential to increase your spending to $40,000 a month with the Grantspro program.

Limitations of Google Ad Grants

The Ad Grants program does have a few guidelines that your organization would need to abide by:
  • Maximum cost per click (CPC) of $2.00
  • Results will only appear on the Google search results pages
  • Can only run text ads; not ads with images
  • Can only run keyword targeted campaigns
  • Ads can only link to one non-profit website that is approved in your application
  • You must actively manage your AdWords account and login at least one a month and make an adjustment to it at least every 90 days
The ads that you create need to be focused on the mission of your charity. You cannot promote ads that do not include a reference to the cause or organization you support.
Acceptable Ad Not Acceptable Ad
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Likewise, Keywords that you use for your ad should have your cause included in them. For example if you were selling t-shirts to support Breast Cancer Research, your ad could include the keywords “shop for cancer” “support cancer research”. They could not have keywords such as “shop t-shirts” or “buy clothing online”.

How Do I Qualify for Free AdWords Spend?

To qualify for the Google Ad Grants, your charity needs to:
  • Have a current and valid charity status, such as a 501(c)3
  • Have a website that includes substantial content about your organization
  • Agree to the Google Ad Grants terms and conditions
The following organizations are not eligible to receive a Google Ad Grant: Governmental organizations, hospitals and medical groups, schools, universities, and childcare centers.

Get Help with your Ad Grants Account

The upside potential to this free $10,000 in ad spend each month can be instrumental in getting the word out about your non-profit. But there are a lot of rules and restrictions you need to comply with to setup your account. Google does reserve the right to pause or cancel your account without notification if you do not comply with their regulations. It is essential to have a team experienced with AdWords, one who understand the complexities of the Ad Grants program, on your side to maximize this benefit. Contact us today to help you get the most out of the program.
Need help with management of your pay-per-click advertising campaigns? Contact the internet marketing and PPC experts at TheeDigital in Raleigh, NC at 919-341-8901 or schedule a consultation.

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