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Custom Web Design and WooCommerce Development for Direct Metal Structures


Direct Metal Structures operates in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, specializing in designing, delivering, and installing custom metal buildings such as garages, barns, and commercial structures. Despite their business success, the sales team aimed to generate more phone calls and overall leads. They recognized the need to stand out from competitors and were impressed by our work with other clients in their industry.

Understanding the importance of a modernized website to remain competitive and better serve their customers, they decided to sign on with TheeDigital to create them a custom WordPress website with WooCommerce display functionality. 


direct metal structure before product page
direct metal structures after


Before the custom web design & WooCommerce development, Direct Metal Structures faced significant limitations with their website. Their buildings weren’t displayed as products making it difficult for customers to navigate and select custom options. Their existing site functioned more as an information-heavy listing rather than an interactive platform, hindering their user experience.

They wanted an upgraded website that not only looked great, but could prominently showcase all their available products and integrate advanced features like a building color customizer. Additionally, they wanted to transition to a platform that simplified site management and updates for their team – creating a seamless experience for their customers and staff.

Design of Custom WordPress Website

TheeDigital custom-designed websites start with a Wireframe. A Wireframe is a black & white “sketch” of the layout of the homepage that helps identify the priority and hierarchy of required elements. The project manager also develops a Creative Brief, which encompasses the needs and wants from our clients, and helps them pull together a design that is appealing to the client.

Next, we turn the approved Wireframe over to our talented website design team. Once the first draft of the design is completed, we work with our clients to ensure everything is exactly what they wanted. We then move to the development portion.

For Direct Metal Structures, we started with the main product listings, expanding and integrating them with their 3D builder. Next we built an interactive map and created web pages to order buildings in all their current service areas with location specific buidling websites for Tennesse, Virginia, & South Carolina. We also created a template so they could easily create a new page for each state as their service area expands.

Homepage Wireframe

Wireframe for Direct metal structure

Homepage Design Mockup

Direct metal structures after

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dms webpage image
Direct metal structures webpage
Direct metal structures webpage
Direct metal structures webpage
Direct metal structures webpage
Direct metal structures webpage
direct metal structures after
Direct metal structures webpage
Direct metal structures webpage
Direct metal structures webpage
direct metal structures custom website

WooCommerce Display & Filtering

TheeDigital custom-designed a new website for Direct Metal Structures focused on communicating their vast product categories and service options. Key features include seamless integrations with Hubspot and their 3D Builder application, Sensi. We also integrated a building color planner tool and a chat installation for improved customer interaction.

The website was built using a responsive WordPress theme and WooCommerce display functionality, allowing them to easily manage, display, and update their content. The new site is highly adaptable, user-friendly, and provides simplified update and management capabilities creating a better experience for customers and staff.

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