Being a Superhero in Your Business – #7 Becoming a Super Seller

Developing new business opportunities will always be one of the most mission-critical activities for your company.

Part 7: Build Relationships & Develop New Business as a “Super Seller”

Developing new business opportunities will always be one of the most mission-critical activities for your company. Are you still finding what you did five years ago to generate new opportunities is still working effectively? The answer to that question is “probably not.”

Super Business - Become a Super Seller

The selling landscape has dramatically changed in the past few years and has prompted many sales teams to stop and re-evaluate their processes. These changes have posed the question, “What are the most successful sales people and sales teams doing differently?”

The most effective “Super Sellers” harness the power of 3 simple ideas: Connect, Convince, and Collaborate.

1. Connect with People

It all begins by connecting the dots between the buyer’s needs and the seller’s solution. Go deeper than simply rattling off your elevator pitch or running down the list of features and benefits. Show the prospect how your products/services will directly address their business issues, soothe their pains, and the related results that speak to their top priorities.

2. Convince Buyers

Super Sellers convince buyers with stories using a simple 7 step framework:

  1. Connection – They build rapport and establish personal credibility by demonstrating a razor-sharp insight into their prospect’s world and business challenges.  You need to come from a place of powerful understanding!
  2. Dissatisfaction – They specifically demonstrate how their prospect’s current state is filled with pitfalls and opportunities to improve.  It is critical to establish a level of pain.
  3. Desire – They show their prospects how to reach a new level of what is possible.  It is important to paint a picture of what their new reality can look like.
  4. Dissatisfaction Layering – They take buyers on an emotional journey by moving back and forth between the current state and the new possibilities.  You need to be able to contrast the old with the new and why it matters.
  5. Making Breakthroughs – They are able to inspire with insight on how thinking differently will “change the game” and create a new outlook.  The solution needs to drive excitement and build trust.
  6. Show Results – They clearly demonstrate how those who change their direction are enjoying both rational (ROI) and emotional rewards.  It is imperative to showcase exactly what rewards can be reaped.
  7. Take Action – They invite collaboration to explore possibilities further.  This is where we advance forward!

3. Collaborate

Super Sellers collaborate in two very distinct ways:

I. What They Bring to the Table

  • They educate buyers with new ideas and new prospective.  They act as consultants, not peddlers.
  • They collaborate with buyers.  They work to meet needs, not to simply give them canned answers.

II. How They Interact

  • They are responsive, set expectations, and follow through on those expectations to the letter.
  • They are proactive and do their part to bring ideas and solutions.
  • They are easy to buy from. They build trust and earn trusted adviser status.
“When you are no longer viewed as an expense, but rather as an investment, you are on your way to becoming a true Super Seller.”

4 Questions to Gauge Your “Super Seller” Status

Super Sellers, though listening and their actions, become far more than salespeople. They essentially become an extension of the prospect’s team, fully engaged in the company’s challenges, concerns, and priorities.

As a matter of personal assessment, ask yourself these four questions about your clients and prospects to see where you stand:

  1. How would they describe the importance of your relationship with them?
  2. How would they describe the level of partnership they have with you?
  3. How would they describe your impact on their success?
  4. How would they feel if they lost their relationship with you?

When you are no longer viewed as an expense, but rather as an investment, you are on your way to becoming a true Super Seller.

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