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Google Penalty Recovery

Reclaim your search engine rankings so you can get back to generating more leads.

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Understanding Google Penalties

Google has strict webmaster guidelines and websites that fail to follow those terms, either intentionally or unintentionally will be penalized. Designed to stop unethical, “black-hat SEO,” a Google penalty means your keyword ranking drops or your website will not be listed in search engine results at all.

TheeDigital specializes in finding and fixing these problems to get your website back in good standing fast.

Google Penalty Recovery Services

We will run a comprehensive SEO audit in order to identify on-page and off-page issues that lead to penalties. As we gain insight into the issue, we will use ethical, “white-hat SEO” methods to recover your standing and get your business back on track.

Here’s how we do it:

Link Repair

We analyze backlinks to weed out low-quality links and eliminate spam while keeping the high-value backlinks.

Content Analysis

We will track down duplicate content, keyword stuffing, and other content problems.

Finding Google Errors

Algorithms make mistakes, too! If Google penalized you without cause, we’ll straighten it out.

Discovering UX Issues

Our experts will find problems with the UX, such as mobile-unfriendly pages, broken coding, and no privacy pages.

Increase Business With Google Penalty Recovery

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Make sure your target audience can find you easily.

Upgrade User Experience

Better UX means higher traffic and increased lead generation.

Elevate Your Reputation

Ethics aren’t just for Google. Quality content builds trust. 

Does Your Website Need Google Penalty Recovery

Does Your Website Need Google Penalty Recovery?

If your website has taken a major dive in search engine rankings or you’ve seen a dramatic decrease in leads coming from your website, you may have been hit with a Google penalty and not even know about it. With our Google penalty recovery services, our SEO experts will track down and fix the guideline lapses and restore you to the top of the search engine rankings once again.

Google Penalty Recovery is Important For Your Business

Google Penalty Recovery is Important For Your Business

Google is the leading search engine with over 70 percent of search share. When your website is penalized and either removed or your ranking is decreased, you’re not going to be seen by your target audience. This means you’re losing traffic, and that means you’re losing leads.

Our SEO specialists are Google experts and highly knowledgeable of penalties and how to recover from them. With our dedicated action, we’ll not just get you back in good standing, we can provide ongoing white-hat SEO to keep you climbing the search ranking pages and growing in visibility.

TheeDigital designed our website for which they won an award. They have been great at getting content to our website that is timely, relevant and driving traffic to our site. All the staff have been a pleasure to work with, to offer helpful suggestions and to keep us informed.

Jeffery Cooper
CPA, Managing Member
Steward Ingram Cooper PLLC

Thanks to TheeDigital’s search engine marketing efforts we have been able to sustain high rankings on Google and provide better user experience.

Carson Thorn, CPA

Carson Thorn
Owner, C. E. Thorn, CPA, PLLC
Carson Thorn CPA

Our new website is much more interactive and completely mobile friendly. Immediately, we saw an increase in traffic to our website as well as an increase in people contacting us from the website. We’re ranking on search engines for our main keywords – some on the top page! The TheeDigital team truly listens to our requests and offers impactful marketing advice.  We are very pleased with the traffic to our website and TheeDigital’s marketing efforts!

Greenville NC Divorce Attorney

Gib Irons
Irons & Irons Law Firm

Finally, a dream of many generations of the IUPAC community has materialized. First “aesthetical” impression – BEAUTIFUL.

Lynn Soby

Lynn Soby
Executive Director,

We hired TheeDigital to help us build our nonprofit organization’s site. They were extremely organized, responsive, and did an excellent job of bringing our vision to fruition.

Postive Review from Empower All

Amanda West
Co-Founder/VP of Education
Empower All

Everything looks fantastic, I cannot express how pleased we are with both sites (Strategic Systems and CEI). You all have done a fantastic job!

Picture of Anna Groblewski, Sales, Marketing and Events Coordinator for CEI - a custom web design client of TheeDigital

Anna Groblewski
Sales, Marketing and Events Coordinator
CEI – The Digital Office

Mobile and Tablet-Friendly WordPress site Marketing and SEO WordPress Website for Healthcare Industry
North Raleigh Plastic Surgery

Digital Marketing and PPC for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

See how Thee Digital helped a brand new North Raleigh Plastic Surgery practice establish a digital footprint from scratch.

Increase in Organic Visitors
Mobile Friendly Web Design for Retail Craft Business Custom Shopify Site for a Retail Craft Business
Wish Upon A Quilt

Shopify Website for a Retail Fabric Store in Raleigh

Learn how TheeDigital built a custom Shopify store to better manage this client’s inventory and transform it into a lead generation machine.

Increase in Social Media Users
Custom Ecommerce Features for a Retail Shoe Business Mobile Friendly Web Design Ecommerce SEO for a Retail Shoe Business
Sutton’s Safety Shoes

Custom Web Design and Ecommerce for an Online Shoe and Accessories Business

This local business wanted customers to walk a mile in their shoes. TheeDigital built an ecommerce website that helped them rank well & sell.

Hamby Dentistry website on tablet Custom Web Design for a Dental Practice
Hamby Family Dentistry

Mobile First Web Design and Digital Marketing for a Dental Practice

By creating a website that was highly visible in search engines and easy for visitors to navigate, Hamby Family Dental Center saw incredible results.

Increase in Mobile Traffic
Irons law header Successful WordPress Development for Law Industry Client
Irons & Irons Law Firm

WordPress Website for a Fast Growing, Multi-Location Law Firm

TheeDigital built this new website on WordPress with a highly customized design that made it easy for visitors to find the information they needed.

Increase Mobile Traffic
Custom WordPress Site for DWI Defense Attorney Custom WordPress site for Attorneys at Law
Capital Criminal Defense

Custom Web Design and SEO for Criminal Defense Attorneys

Discover how a custom law firm website design and SEO services helped these criminal defense attorneys attract more clients.

Increase in Organic Traffic
What Is Black and White Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO are techniques designed to increase search engine rankings by intentionally breaking the terms and conditions. Keyword stuffing, backlinks to spam websites, duplicate content, and using cloaked text are all examples of black hat SEO that can lead to penalties.

White hat SEO is the opposite. These are techniques designed to increase search engine rankings ethically by staying within the terms and conditions and focusing on providing an excellent user experience. Responsive web design, strategic keyword usage, and backlinks from high-quality sources are all ways to raise your ranking ethically.

Will I Know If I’ve Received a Google Penalty?

You may be alerted by a notification or find an alert in your Google Search Console. However, most business owners don’t realize they have received a penalty until they see a major drop in traffic or website rankings. Even then, many of our clients don’t realize it’s a penalty that caused the drop until we run an audit.

How Long Does It Take to Restore My Rankings?

Our SEO team works fast to find and repair the problem and submit a reconsideration request. Typically, it takes 10 to 30 days for Google to review manual penalties and after that, you can start to see improvements. If the algorithm reported the problem, sometimes it can take a bit longer, but in the meantime, we’ll be working to get your website back on track and better than ever!

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