WordPress Version 4.5 is Now Available!

WordPress Version 4.5 is now available! Read all about the newest update and what it means for your WordPress website.

Last week, WordPress Version 4.5 was released. This newest version has been named “Coleman”, in honor of jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins.

What’s New in WordPress 4.5

Below are just a few of the core updates to the WordPress platform:

Preview Your Website in Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Views

Today’s users are all about viewing websites and content on the go. To help ensure your website changes are mobile-friendly, WordPress now allows you to preview your updates in mobile, tablet and desktop views.

Visual Editor Improvements

The visual editor of WordPress just got a little better. Now WordPress owners can use:

  • Use “—“ to transform < hr />
  • Use “your code” to transform <code>my code</code>

Security Fixes

A secure website is extremely important. WordPress Version 4.5 solves the following 3 security issues:

  • SSRF Bypass using Octal & Hexedecimal IP addresses
  • Reflected XSS on the network settings page
  • Script compression option CSRF

The security issues were reported by Yu Wang & Tong Shi of BAIDU xTeam, Emanual Bronshtein, and Ronni Skansing respectively.

Why Should You Update to WordPress 4.5?

The main reason you should update your WordPress website is to keep your site and files secure. Websites that stay on older versions of WordPress are more likely to get hacked, as hackers can find out what WordPress version your website is on and worm their way in through backdoor portals.

Another reason to update to WordPress Version 4.5: to take advantage of the new features!

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