Why Digital Marketing is Important for Healthcare

As a doctors office, hospital, or other healthcare related business, being able to have your information found online seems like a monumental task. Learn how can you help your healthcare related information get found.

As a doctors office, hospital, or other healthcare related business, being able to have your information found online seems like a monumental task. The search engines are trying to index all of this information and give the best result to the users, but it can feel like a lot for you to keep up with. Learn how to help your healthcare related information get found.

Since healthcare is about 18% of our national economy, it would be a fair assumption to guess that the amount of information on the web is somewhat proportional to that number. So many industries revolve around this subject and numerous industries are writing about this topic: health care providers, insurance companies, lawyers, government, and more. That is a lot of information to sift through when trying to find specifics on piece of information.

Healthcare Website Content Strategy

Start with getting really clear and laser-focused on the content you put out on the web. When developing a strategy and organizing your content, make it easy for the search engines to know what information you are looking to provide. If you think potential consumers are looking for alternatives to cataract surgery, offer the search engines a page specific to that one topic. If you offer group health insurance, be sure your website is consistent with this information throughout.

Google and the other search engines favor websites that offer specific information to specific queries and questions. They would be much more likely to offer up a single page of 500 words that was completely dedicated to the question at hand rather than present a 72 page PDF document that touches on 30 different topics. If you are seeing this as a search result for terms you want to be found for, it is probably because no one has created a web page for that term.

Service Pages Specific to your Practice

Since so many organizations have put enormous amounts of information on the web, it can be difficult and frustrating sometimes to compete against a local hospital that writes about a service that their facilities do not even offer so they can offer quality information to the public. If you are having an issue like this, write a page on your own website and while you are at it, contact the hospital website and let them know you offer that particular service and you’d like to list that link on their page relating to the procedure they were describing.

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Healthcare is a constantly changing and growing industry. That means your information needs to be as well. If you want to be found online, you have to constantly create more information and update outdated info. Search engines, like people, are looking for trusted information. If you become that source, both will beat a path to your door.

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