What We Learned at the Digital Marketing for Business Conference

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Thee team attended the Digital Marketing for Business conference on May 13-14 at the Raleigh Convention Center. The conference featured over 100 speakers focused on small business marketing, enterprise solutions, expert marketing, WordPress, and video marketing. In addition to attending the conference, five members of our team were speakers as well: Cole Watts, Patrick Stox, Tevan Alexander, James Pate, and myself Sharon Dawson. You can get a peek at my presentation about how Pinterest can help your small business on our SlideShare page.

Sharing the Wealth: What We Learned From DMFB 2015

Here’s a look at a few of the things we learned from the 2015 Digital Marketing for Business (DMFB) Conference:
“Ecommerce sales were only 6.7% of the market when lumped in with retail. It shows how much opportunity for growth there is.”
Patrick Stox
“A non-profit can apply for a Google Ad Grant and get free $10,000 to spend on AdWords every month. A few restrictions apply, but what a fantastic opportunity to promote your nonprofit.”
Sharon Dawson
Digital Marketing for Business Conference
“Pinterest provides tools within their Analytics to help you attribute website leads and conversions directly to your Pinterest page, so you can see the results of your work.”
Lisa Grabowski
“Picking which social media platform works best for your target audience is just as important as having a social media presence. Even SnapChat is being used for business purposes now, with brands like Taco Bell and Sour Patch Kids leading the way.”
Katie Sommerfeld
“The journey from a 20 to a 100 Wikipedia rank is made by identifying the most simple answer to the user’s questions.”
Michelle Oppenhimer
Users Ignore Stock Photos
“Make searches for your brand name and then reach out to those online resources to request that they add a link to your site.”
Rob Delory
“Rich Answers to Google searches can take many forms: direct answers, sliders, tables, list results, sidebars, charts, photo carousels, related items, go directly to page, etc.”
Michelle Oppenhimer
Webinar Landing Page Must Haves
“Don’t make visitors to your website have to think to find things. Have a visual hierarchy, clear call to action, logo on left, and search on the right hand side.”
Keri Giordano
“When designing your email campaigns, design for mobile first. Most people are viewing emails on their phones, and 80% of them will delete it if it doesn’t display right.”
Lisa Grabowski
Did you attend the Digital Marketing for Business Conference? Comment below or tweet at us (@TheeDigital) and let us know what you learned!
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