What Are Spiders?

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Over the past decade the web has altered the way people do business by opening up new ways of generating business information and reaching target markets. One of the most interesting new techniques for harnessing the power of the web is the creation of internet algorithms, otherwise known as “spiders”.
Search Engine Spiders
In very simple terms, here is how spiders work:
  • Spiders visit a website and record the information
  • Then they scan the meta tags – this identifies the site according to subjects
  • Finally, the spiders follow the links from the site to other pages
These spiders actually are very flexible and tend to work very hard. Because of the many links between pages, a spider can start at virtually any point on the internet and continuously keep moving. At the end of the day (or when whenever it decides to stop) the spider returns the info gathered on its journey to the search engine’s central database of information, where it is organized and stored. Eventually, the spider will revisit the site to find changed info, but until it does the material in the search engine will remain unchanged. This is why some searches yield pages that can no longer be located. Uncovering what these spiders are looking for can be a daunting task requiring both patience and hard work. The team at TheeDesign are experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and know how to feed these creepy crawlers to get your business ranked higher on search engines. Give us a shout at 919.341.8901 or schedule a complimentary consultation and one of our web experts will be in contact with you soon.

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