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Top Free SEO Chrome Extensions to Boost Website Rankings

Get better search rankings and more traffic by using these free Google Chrome extensions for SEO. Each tool offers a unique benefit for helping you rank higher.

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We’ve compiled some of the top free SEO Chrome extensions here in one place so you can benefit easily in your quest towards better Website rankings. There are differing capabilities for each tool, but when implemented together correctly, you’ll have a powerful tool kit for making those rankings soar upwards.

Top Free SEO Chrome Extensions to Boost Website Rankings

What Are Our Picks for the Top Free SEO Chrome Extensions?

1. PageSpeed Insights

This extension is great for gauging a page’s speed on desktop and mobile. It shows you where problems are occuring, giving you a real-world starting point to make corrections. Making the proper changes based on this data can help you boost load times and craft a better user experience for visitors. That’ll give you a positive boost in rankings too.  Conveniently test a desktop or mobile page to see different scores. 

PageSpeed Insights a Free SEO Extension for Chrome

2. Moz

Moz offers a free extension, Mozbar, for Chrome. This tool helps you understand both your page authority and domain authority for any given page. It’s often understood that positive rankings are correlated with better domain authority.

Moz Chrome Extension for SEO Audit

You can do your own page research with mozbar. Checking out pages of companies that are similar to yours is one useful tactic. If one of their pages had more authority than yours, here’s your chance to analyze and make changes to your strategy.

3. SEO Minion

This tool locates broken links, analyzes on-page SEO and provides a search engine results page preview, allowing you to alter your result as you view it. These and other features make SEO Minion a great tool for identifying points where you can make SEO enhancements.  

SEO Minion Google Chrome SEO Extension

4. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb can be a great source for website traffic estimations. It can help you understand your competitors’ traffic, allowing you new insight for your own strategy. You’ll be able to tell whether traffic is appearing from social media, referral avenues or search engine results. This extension shows you the country where a visitor accessed a site, as well as:

  • Visit duration
  • Average pages per visit
  • Bounce rate
SimilarWeb Google Chrome SEO Extension

5. Check My Links

Broken links aren’t good for your ranking. How can you easily find and fix them? This free extension crawls a webpage and locates all links, letting you know which links are good and which need attention. All that’s left to do is fix them.

Check My Links a Free SEO Extension for Chrome

6. SEOquake

This supplies you with a great array of major metrics for your entire website including: SERPs analysis, social statistics for Facebook and Google+, internal and external link reports and more. You can use its helpful keyword density report to better understand if you’re missing out on keyword terms that could be beneficial to you. It offers you more info on your:

  • SEMrush rank
  • Alexa rank
  • Indexing info for Google
  • Indexing info for Bing
SEOquake - SEO Chrome Extension

7. Keyword Surfer

This tool gives you data via your Google interface. It’s as simple as running a search in Google just like normal. Just hit enter on a phrase, and you’ll benefit from both search volume on a global scale, plus the search volume as it pertains to your local region.

Keyword Surfer - SEO Extension for Chrome

Also, in your sidebar, you’ll receive suggested keywords related to your term and their respective volumes too. This tool also provides the number of backlinks for the search terms, helping you to determine how many links you’ll require to push your rankings further into the top 10 realm.

8. Redirect Path

Properly redirecting URLs is vital to maintaining healthy SEO ground. Since URLs can change over time through merging your webpages or implementing new website structures, just to name a few examples, you’ll want to know which URLs are functioning and which ones are not so you can make the right adjustments.

Redirect Path - Chrome Extension for SEO

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