The Best SEO Chrome Extensions for 2023

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With the majority of web browsing happening through Google Chrome, SEO Chrome extensions have become indispensable tools for marketers, bloggers, and e-commerce managers alike. These extensions provide a powerful suite of features that can be accessed directly within the browser, offering on-the-fly insights and analytics to optimize websites for better search engine rankings. We asked the digital marketing team at TheeDigital what Chrome extensions they regularly use to help with SEO and digital marketing. The following Chrome Extensions are what our team is using in 2023.

What Are Our Picks for the Top Free SEO Chrome Extensions?

1. MozBar

The MozBar Chrome extension is a tool developed by Moz that provides valuable SEO insights and data directly within the Google Chrome browser. It’s designed to assist SEO professionals, marketers, and website owners in evaluating and improving their SEO efforts as they browse the web. Here’s a breakdown of what MozBar does:

  1. SEO at a Glance: MozBar gives you instant metrics while viewing any page or SERP (Search Engine Results Page), which helps in assessing the SEO strength and potential of websites and pages quickly.
  2. Page Analysis: With a single click, MozBar allows you to analyze different aspects of any page you’re on. This includes page elements, page attributes, and link data. You can examine things like meta title, description, headings, alt text, and even general attributes such as page load time.
  3. Link Data: MozBar provides detailed information on the link profile of pages and domains, including the number of backlinks, the domain authority (DA), and the page authority (PA). This data is crucial for understanding the potential influence of a page or domain in search rankings.
  4. Custom Searches: You can create custom searches by search engine, country, region, or city, which allows you to see how search results appear in different locations, helping in local SEO strategies.
  5. Highlight Links: MozBar can highlight different types of links on any given page, such as external links, internal links, followed, nofollowed, or keywords.
  6. Export SERP Analysis: The tool allows you to export SERP data into a CSV file, which you can use for more detailed analysis or reporting.
  7. On-Page Content Suggestions: MozBar can suggest various on-page SEO optimizations by analyzing the content of a page. It helps identify potential improvements that could enhance the page’s relevance and performance in search results.
  8. Access to Moz’s Tools: For users with a Moz Pro subscription, MozBar provides additional features, such as access to more in-depth SEO insights and reports available through the Moz platform.
  9. Convenience: By integrating directly into the browser, MozBar offers convenience, allowing users to access SEO data without having to switch between tools or disrupt their browsing experience.

MozBar is widely used for tasks such as competitor research, keyword verification, real-time SEO auditing, and quick analysis of search engine results. It’s a powerful extension for anyone looking to gain SEO insights and make data-driven decisions to optimize their websites.

Moz Chrome Extension for SEO Audit

2. Keywords Everywhere

“Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool” is a browser extension for Chrome that functions as a time-saving keyword research tool. It is designed to assist SEO professionals, content writers, and digital marketers by providing valuable keyword data directly in their web browsers while they are conducting searches or visiting specific websites.

Here’s what the “Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool” does:

  1. Keyword Volume, CPC, and Competition Data: The extension displays search volume data, average cost-per-click (CPC), and competition levels for keywords across multiple websites, including Google Search, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Trends, eBay, Amazon, and more.
  2. Keyword Widgets: It adds keyword widgets to the user’s browser that show related keywords, “people also search for” keywords, and long-tail keyword phrases, which can help users find more targeted keywords for their SEO and PPC campaigns.
  3. On-page Analysis: For any webpage users visit, the extension can provide a list of keywords mentioned on the page, along with their frequency and the total keyword density of the page.
  4. Historical Search Volume Data: Users can view the historical trend data for keywords, which can be useful for identifying seasonal variations in search behavior and planning content or campaigns accordingly.
  5. Export Keywords: It allows users to export the found keywords and related data to a file, which can be used for further analysis or reporting.
  6. Favorite Keywords: Users can save their favorite keywords into a list, which can be accessed later for research or tracking purposes.
  7. API Access: The extension offers API access to users who want to retrieve keyword data programmatically for use in their own tools or applications.
  8. Cost-Effective Research: Since “Keywords Everywhere” operates on a pay-as-you-go model, it provides a cost-effective solution for users who need keyword data without committing to a subscription-based service.
  9. Ease of Use: The tool is praised for its ease of use, as it integrates directly into the Google Chrome browser and works in the background, presenting data in a non-intrusive manner as users perform their regular online activities.

Overall, “Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool” is a versatile and practical extension that streamlines the process of keyword research by making it more accessible and less time-consuming. It’s a tool that can significantly enhance the efficiency of SEO tasks and market research.

3. SEO Minion

“SEO Minion” is a Chrome extension that assists users in performing daily SEO tasks with greater ease and efficiency. It’s designed to support a wide range of SEO activities, from on-page analysis to link checking and more. Here’s what SEO Minion does:

  1. Analyze On-Page SEO: SEO Minion provides a comprehensive analysis of on-page SEO elements for any given webpage. This includes reviewing meta information, headings, and text to ensure that they are optimized for search engines.
  2. Highlight All Links: The extension can highlight all internal and external links on a webpage, distinguishing between follow and nofollow links. This visual aid is useful for quickly assessing the link structure of a page.
  3. Check Broken Links: SEO Minion can scan a webpage for broken links, which are links that return a 404 error or lead to a non-existent page. Identifying and fixing broken links is important for both user experience and SEO.
  4. SERP Preview: The tool allows users to preview how a webpage will appear in Google search results. This feature helps in optimizing title tags and meta descriptions for better click-through rates.
  5. SERP Utilities: SEO Minion includes utilities for analyzing search results pages. Users can check their ranking position for a particular keyword across different Google domains and compare search results across multiple locations.
  6. Hreflang Checker: For websites that target multiple languages or regions, SEO Minion checks hreflang tag validity. These tags are used to tell search engines which language and region a page is intended for, which is crucial for international SEO.
  7. Google Location Simulator: SEO Minion simulates search engine results pages from different locations, allowing users to see how rankings vary by region, which is particularly useful for local SEO strategies.
  8. On-Page Link Analysis: The extension provides an analysis of the links on a page, including the URLs, anchor texts, and whether the links are internal, external, follow, or nofollow.

By combining these features into one tool, SEO Minion makes it easier for website owners, webmasters, and SEO professionals to perform routine checks and optimizations directly from their browser. It’s a versatile extension that enhances the ability to maintain and improve a website’s SEO health.

SEO Minion Google Chrome SEO Extension

4. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb can be a great source for website traffic estimations. It can help you understand your competitors’ traffic, allowing you new insight for your own strategy. You’ll be able to tell whether traffic is appearing from social media, referral avenues or search engine results. This extension shows you the country where a visitor accessed a site, as well as:

SimilarWeb Google Chrome SEO Extension

5. Check My Links

Broken links aren’t good for your ranking. How can you easily find and fix them? This free extension crawls a webpage and locates all links, letting you know which links are good and which need attention. All that’s left to do is fix them.

Check My Links a Free SEO Extension for Chrome

6. SEOquake

This supplies you with a great array of major metrics for your entire website including: SERPs analysis, social statistics for Facebook and Google+, internal and external link reports and more. You can use its helpful keyword density report to better understand if you’re missing out on keyword terms that could be beneficial to you. It offers you more info on your:

  • SEMrush rank
  • Alexa rank
  • Indexing info for Google
  • Indexing info for Bing
SEOquake - SEO Chrome Extension

7. Keyword Surfer

This tool gives you data via your Google interface. It’s as simple as running a search in Google just like normal. Just hit enter on a phrase, and you’ll benefit from both search volume on a global scale, plus the search volume as it pertains to your local region.

Keyword Surfer - SEO Extension for Chrome

Also, in your sidebar, you’ll receive suggested keywords related to your term and their respective volumes too. This tool also provides the number of backlinks for the search terms, helping you to determine how many links you’ll require to push your rankings further into the top 10 realm.

8. Redirect Path

Properly redirecting URLs is vital to maintaining healthy SEO ground. Since URLs can change over time through merging your webpages or implementing new website structures, just to name a few examples, you’ll want to know which URLs are functioning and which ones are not so you can make the right adjustments.

Redirect Path - Chrome Extension for SEO

SEO Chrome extensions are powerful tools in the quest for search engine ranking. By providing easy access to critical SEO data and automating complex tasks, they allow for a more efficient and informed approach to SEO. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, these tools will become even more indispensable to SEO professionals and website owners.

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