What TheeTeam is Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Our Raleigh web design team is sharing what they're most thankful for this holiday season!

At TheeDigital, we’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday. Here are a few things our Raleigh web design team is thankful for this 2015.

Thanksgiving Thankful at Raleigh Web Design Agency

What We’re Thankful for this Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for our great clients, and the awesome #TheeTeam who takes care of them. I’m also thankful to be part of this great country, which has given me the opportunity to start and grow TheeDigital.

I’m thankful for the local community, who has helped grow the Triangle Marketing Club.


I’m thankful that TheeDigital lets me bring Charlotte Barkley to work once a month. I am also thankful for social media scheduling tools like Buffer and Hootsuite, and for friends and family who support me in my career!

I’m thankful for Screaming Frog SEO Spider.


I’m thankful to live in an area where nature is accessible, to be in a community that is filled with people to drive technology and humanity forward (two of the three 2015 Nobel Prize Chemistry laureates are professors at UNC and Duke), and to work with a team who pushes each other to do their best.

I’m thankful for coffee and Amazon Prime.


I’m thankful for a job that serves as a learning opportunity and co-workers that help me to learn more every day.

I am thankful for Starbucks & my Starbucks bestie, for having a job where I enjoy working with my clients, for having awesome coworkers, for being able to be my honest and fun self at work.


I’m thankful the Patriots are 9-0.

I’m thankful for no more NY winters.


I’m thankful for Dunkin’ Donuts, great friends, a loving family, wonderful co-workers and life in the USA.

I’m thankful for chocolate, my family, and awesome co-workers.

Lisa G.

I’m thankful for my awesome job and how supportive and positive TheeTeam is.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to grow and learn, my health, and family.


I am thankful for my handsome son, supportive mother, awesome friends and co-workers, and good health.

I’m thankful for my family and friends, and to be able to work with my extremely talented and creative TheeDigital family everyday.


We hope everyone has a safe and healthy Thanksgiving!