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Furry fun with “Pets at Work” Day at TheeDigital

We had a ton of fun bringing our four-legged family members into the office. Between snuggling and the petting, a great day was had by all!

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TheePet Day was a Warm and Fuzzy Success

On Friday, March 31, workers walking in to TheeOffice were greeted not only by our smiling coworkers, but also by their fuzzy friends. Yes, earlier that week Richard Horvath had let us know that Friday was the day when we would all be allowed to bring in our four-legged family members, and many of our coworkers obliged. The day started by meeting Miki, Richard and Elsa’s dog, in the front hallway as he happily welcomed us to the office. From this point forward we knew that our day in TheeOffice would be filled with fun and fur. Miki, Richard and Elsa’s dog From the moment we walked in the door, it was a frenetic fusillade of fuzzy fun all day long.

Queen Naiko

Charlotte brought in her cat Naiko, who had a wonderful time following the mouse around the screen…well, like a mouse:
After spending some time chasing the digital rodent around the monitor, she satisfied herself with ruling over her queendom in development as our developers continued to work under her careful eye: Charlotte's cat Naiko Naiko also made sure that nobody was slacking off, even though it was Friday. Nobody got to slack off until our TheeStorm success meeting! Making sure we're all working

Tucker’s not tuckered out

Mat brought in Tucker, his giant St. Bernard. This was one incredibly comfy dog! Tucker tired in the hallway Tucker even got into the spirit of things by paying very close attention to the screen as everyone lavished him with attention. TheePet Day Tucker Upon seeing this gigantic dog, one of our employees commented that it’s more likely to be a horse than a dog. TheeDigital Pet Day celebration!

Dooley Dog

Dooley initially forgot that it was a Friday, lazing around on the carpet moping about having to come in to the office instead of his sweet work-from-home gig: TheePet Day tired Dooley Once we opened a few beers at the end of the day and went over some of the new sites we had launched and some of our major marketing successes from the month, though, Dooley perked right up and was an active part of our discussion! TheePet Day Dooley

A great way to end the week!

All in all, it was a fantastic Friday with our friendly furry family, and we were even happier to be able to have beers at the end of the day while discussing the successes of TheeDigital over the last month. We loved being able to have our pets in the office, and they were surprisingly well-behaved! We hope that we are able to have a similar event soon, and let our furry friends help us out with our office work!
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