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The Evolution of Social Media in 2011

2010 was a big year for social media, and we expect 2011 to be even better. Here are a few changes the internet marketing team at TheeDigital are expecting.

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We saw a lot of change in the way social media evolved over the past year, and we don’t expect it to stop in 2011. Now, more than ever, the business community is tapping into social resources in new ways, relying on network communities for new things, and adjusting a world view to fit the agenda of a new decade. Here are a few changes in social media that we, the internet marketing specialists at TheeDigital, predict for 2011.
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Social Media Will Grow Even More

Over the past year, we have all witnessed what Social Media can do for businesses. 2010 was the year that companies began to scratch the surface of what it really means to tap into an online community, and we predict that 2011 will show an even larger increase in social media usage. While numbers of new users may begin to trail off (since Facebook, for example, has 550 million users, alone) existing users may find new ways to utilize and interact with their online community.

Companies Will Look For Social Feedback

We know social networks build brand awareness and support for a company, but what we expect to see in 2011 is far more interaction with a company’s network. Initiating a request for feedback on major decisions should not come as a surprise, as many businesses are becoming social thinkers who are shifting to a new age of leadership. Companies are realizing that their social networks are their consumers, who are equipped to provide advice and feedback about products and services.

Mobile Will Become An Extension of Ourselves

2010 was a turning point for the mobile revolution. Smartphones outpaced the sales of desktops and laptops, iphone and ipad users downloaded more than 7 billion apps, and more and more companies made the switch to HTML5, a mobile friendly format for multimedia, phasing out flash. The progress in 2010 set us up for mobile success in 2011. We predict mobile media will become even more of an extension of who we are, and we expect companies, service providers and social networks to cater to the evolution by providing seamless and simple mobile integration.

Video Will Be Everywhere

This one might be obvious, but we expect even more growth in video popularity over the next year. Video is becoming very affordable to create, and with video technology growing so quickly, it is becoming easier than ever to produce professional image quality media on a budget. We see video becoming even more seamlessly integrated in websites and search engine results, providing businesses a more interesting and engaging way of delivering information.

Word View is Changing

The world view is evolving, and that will become more and more noticeable in 2011. The adoption of social media has skewed the way we think about how the world works, including time, space, geography and age. Media has evolved our cognitive flexibility, creating a world population who is media driven, multitasking and eager for new experiences. Because of the shifting psychology of today’s population, we see social media capitalizing on this way of thinking and encouraging the interconnected world. We think it is important to be aware of the shifts in meaning and usage of social media so that we can evolve with the times and utilize social media in the most efficient ways. Having a better idea of where social media is headed can give you valuable insight into how to successfully interact in an online community to create the brand awareness, supportive community and opportunity your business deserves. If you have any comments, questions, or interest in our social media and internet marketing services, just fill out our contact form.

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