SEO & Blog Marketing

Search engines love blogs and they are always fast to index them. Just because you put something out on the web, does not mean you will get a lot of visitors.

In 2010, blogging is more important than ever in online business. Companies are increasing their usage from this communication tools and gaining much attention from their customers, potential clients and competitors.

Search engines love blog entries and they are always fast to index them. However, there are many people out there that think they can write a blog and people will come to see it. This simply is just not the case. Just because you put something out on the web, does not mean that it will be visible to everyone.

SEO and Blog Marketing

So what can you do better to increase the chances of your blog becoming visible to many viewers? There are few important things you can do to ensure that your blog will be seen by as many viewers as possible. Remember blog marketing is really only as hard as you make it.

One of the first steps you can do to ensure your blog post gains exposure is to build links for it. Link Building is the process of creating inbound links to one’s own website. This can be accomplished by submitting your blogs to be posted on sites such as e-zines, newsletters, directories, search engines, PR sites, etc. By doing this you’re gaining many advantages:

  1. Link building helps in getting quality traffic from relevant sites which increases sales.
  2. Also when there will be high-quality incoming links the site will also be seen as a valuable resource.
  3. Link building helps in creating awareness, visibility and credibility of your site.
  4. Gives your website wider search engine exposure.
  5. Link building also helps the website get indexed by search engines.

The second step in ensuring your blog entry gains exposure is to add videos to your blogs. This will not only help educate people who are more visual learners, but it will provide you the opportunity to submit your blog to video directories.

Again, by doing this you’re only giving yourself wider search engine exposure for your website.

The final step we will talk about in this article is using press releases as part of your blog marketing efforts. Using a press release as part of your blog marketing is another great way that you can get your blog more viewers by working other marketing channels. It is also important to remember that a well-written release can dramatically increase your sales, expose your company to the masses, and greatly enhance the image of your business or products. A professionally written press release can make the difference between a successful press release and an utter failure.

Blog marketing can be pretty effective if it is done right. However, you can’t just set up a one up and expect people to find it. Get your blog out there and make it known to others just as you would a website.

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