The Importance of Your Office Address in Local SEO

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Your address says a lot about you both offline and online. What you might not know, is that where you decide to place your physical headquarters can often have important ramifications on just how your business places in the search engines.

Local SEO and Your Address

If you have used a search engine lately, you might have noticed something weird in your search results. Beyond the usual string of search results, you might have seen local search results based upon your location. These results were created by Google to help people find local relevant business locations based on a user’s data. Need a pizza place? Simply type in “pizza place” and see the local results show local pizza places close to you (in this case, Raleigh Glenwood Ave). Or, if you are looking for a plumber looking up “plumber” and watch the local results populate with local plumbers.
Pizza Raleigh Google Map
Now for your business to show up in these search results, it’s important that your business actually be located in the specific location that the searcher is looking for. A Cary, NC pizza parlor will not show up in the Raleigh listings. Occasionally if a searcher does not have many option, in their local city locations for a particular service or query nearby city options will show up, however this only happens few and far between.

How to Show Up in Google Local

Now having an address in Google Local and submitting your business in Google Places does not mean that you are going to place if someone is searching for your local service or establishment. Just like any search engine algorithm, there are a variety of factors on why one website ranks higher than the other, but our Raleigh SEO team has learned that the following factors do play an important part:
  1. Your Physical Address
  2. Your Number of Customer Reviews
  3. Your Local Citations
If you have a location related to what the user is searching for plus local customer reviews and local citations pointing to your website, it’s a great help to starting to rank your website in the local search results.
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