Places Enhances Overall Google Experience

Google Places replaces Local Business Search and should offer greater benefits to searchers and business owners.

In the real-time world of Google, things are always changing. In April the company announced that it was changing the Local Business Center to Google Places. This new tool allows business owners to create a listing for their company containing their location, website, where they do business and a whole lot more. The basic premise of Google Places is to allow the searcher to find local businesses; and hopefully, for the business owner to attract more leads.

Internet Marketing with Google Places

Now, you might be saying to yourself, “Um, wait a minute, isn’t that the same thing as the Local Business Center… they just changed the name.”

Well, if you think that, you are partly correct. Google claims that it has improved the service to be more appealing to entrepreneurs and searchers will have the ability to include their service areas to help generate more business from the areas they cover.

In addition, the search giant is also slow-rolling an advertising program in which participants will have their search results highlighted to make them appear more prominent. So, for a mere 25 beans per month, business owners can have their listing stand out among their competition. This service is only available in a handful of cities, and as of now, the capital of North Carolina isn’t one of them.

The goal of the upgrade is to make Google more local and since 20% of all searches are local these new upgrades make a lot of sense. The bottom line is Google is always looking for ways to make the searcher’s life easier, and with Places they have done just that.

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