Wagon’s Ho! The Benefits of Partnering with a Turnkey Internet Marketing Firm

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Where… To… Start… How about with a historical analogy: Selecting an internet marketing firm to partner with as you launch your vision is (somewhat) like… 1862. See, in 1862 Congress passed The Homestead Act. Which basically allowed you to be part of the great race West, out over the Great Plains and into the future of America. In short, you (literally) staked your claim at whatever location you felt fit your needs and, if you maintained and improved your lot for 6 months, you could buy your parcel of land from the federal government for just $1.25 an acre.
Benefits of Partnering With A Turnkey Internet Marketing Firm
This set the stage for mad dashes, frenzied searches, cutthroat competition and (barely) contained chaos in a land of undefined borders, no clear parameters, numerous and conflicting agendas and wiiiiiide open spaces – spaces that held many unknown perils and dangers. You know, kind of like searching for the right internet marketing firm to partner with… At TheeDesign, every day we speak with business owners and dreamers with a vision (or, D.W.A.V.) who stroll in with perplexed looks on their faces. They obviously have been to talk with some local, BIG-BOY FIRM – you know the type; they would prefer to demonstrate their intelligence by laying down the beats of jargon and lingo to a clearly overwhelmed prospect, (“Look at the big brain on me!”) as opposed to speaking with them at whatever particular level of technological know-how they happen to possess Or… We talk to business owners or D.W.A.V. that have gone the “Skippy Route”. They listened to the voices who told them it was silly to align with a professional firm when “my youngest, Skippy, just graduated from Somewhere University and he can do the whole thing for just $750.00!” These folks are generally not happy and not ready to trust again so quickly. When a representative of these groups walk through our door, we slow the entire process down. We talk TO them, not AT them. And we make… things… simple. We are a turnkey internet marketing firm. If you are in need a functional, malleable, accessible and professional web presence, we will shepherd you thorough the darkness, around the obstacle and pitfalls, from step one all the way through your site’s launch, and continuing on with the marketing of your online presence. We design. We develop. We consult. We listen. And we market. In other words, relax. Exhale. We got your back. You’re in good hands. And your traveling days are over. So when the time comes to hitch your wagon to an internet marketing firm remember the old rule: KISS. Keep it simple, um, Sally. TheeDigital, provides dedicated, in-house talent and has every step of your cyber journey covered. (Oh, and we’re really good, too). Wagon’s Ho!
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Richard Horvath is the founder of TheeDigital, a Raleigh based award-winning web design and digital marketing agency. He is proud of his team and the results that they provide to their clients.

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