TheeDigital Is An Official Authorize.Net Reseller

Authorize.Net is the largest payment gateway service provider in the world and TheeDigital integrates it into most eCommerce websites we design.

If you have bought anything via the web, chances are you have used Authorize.Net. It’s the largest payment gateway service provider in the world, accepting credit card and electronic check payments online. TheeDigital has been an official Authorize.Net reseller, since 2004 integrating it into most eCommerce websites we design.

Here is how it works:

When a sale is made using a virtual shopping cart, the buyer is connected to a payment gateway account, which is most likely Authorize.Net (or Authnet). The data is then transmitted from the store’s merchant account to the credit card processing network. Think of it like the credit card machine you swipe at the grocery store… that machine stores your info then transmits the data using a service similar to Authnet.

In addition to cart integration, Authnet also offers a virtual terminal that includes fraud detection features, automated recurring billing, the ability to integrate electronic checks, and much more.

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