Link Spam Meet Google’s Disavow Tool

Raleigh SEO company takes a look at Google's recent SEO tool and what it means for you and your business.

If your company has recently seen a drop in rankings, because of what you believe could be black hat SEO practices have no fear Google has a new tool for you.

Google Disavow Links Karate

In the race to climb the SERPS many of us have used dirty tricks to manipulate Google and to help our website climb the rankings.  Admitting that you’ve bought a link, submitted an article to multiple sites, or done some form of link span is nothing that you should be afraid to admit.  In the early days of SEO, there were no rules except that you had to do whatever it takes to maintain your ranking.

Over the years though Google has gotten smarter and it’s now started penalizing websites that manipulate the search rankings in negative ways.  This has led to many Black Hat SEO strategies that seem to change day by day, as these SEO specialists do their best to stay one step ahead of the Google machine.

If you have been hurt by a Black Hat SEO in the past and are trying to regain your search rankings, you can finally rejoice though, as Google has recently came out with their own disavow links tool.

What does the Disavow tool do?

The Disavow tool allows you to disavow a link.  If you’ve been caught using black hat tactic to get a link you can tell Google to discount that link and to simply Disavow it from counting as a link back to your website.

Be careful though…

This tool should only be used at the last extent and is not for everyone.  If you are suffering from a Google pentaly that was caused from a Raleigh black hat SEO, your first rule of action should be to contact the webmaster of the site that has your link and if you do not hear back from them after multiple attempts then that’s when you turn to the  Disavoy tool.

Please remember if you do use the disavoy tool, remember that this could also negatively hurt your search rankings as it does remove links that affect your search performance.

Raleigh White Hat SEO

Remember that the best form of SEO is always a white hat strategy, which does not call for the manipulation of links and instead calls for the creation and curation of good content that’s relevant to your customers.

Do your research and look for White hat SEO experts that come highly rated instead of someone you found online.

If you realize that your online reputation needs help by a Raleigh white hat SEO specialist, call 919-341-8901 for a free consultation or fill out our inquiry form and one of our internet marketing specialists will be in contact with you soon.