Introducing Google Now and What it Means for SEO

At the recent Google I/O conference Google announced it's personal assistant Google Now an application that might change SEO forever.

At the end of June, Google held their annual Google I/O conference and announced something that will change SEO forever. At the conference Google announced a variety of new products, but as a member of the SEO community the product that you need to pay the most attention to is Google Now.

Google Now is Google’s counter to Apple’s Siri, and is a personal assistant that will
soon be available on Google’s Android platform. Similar to Siri, Google Now will be drawing the majority of its information from social networks and social reviews.

Apple has always been fairly private, on where Siri gets her information. We know that reviews from Yelp and Rotten Tomatoes are tied into the personal assistant, but not much else. With Google Now however, it’s fairly certain the majority of the information will be coming from Google and their social network Google+

The SEO of Google Now

If you want to get your company ready for when Google Now rolls out there are a few things you can do now.

  • Claim your business on Google local. Be aware that Google has replaced Google Places with Google Local and by now claiming your local page, you’re creating a Google+ page as well.
  • Make sure you drive your customers to Google Local or Zagat, to leave their reviews. The reviews listed at these sites will help Google Now make recommendations for its users.
  • Use Google Events to help promote your local events. Another new feature rolled out over Google I/O, Google Events is similar to Facebook’s events and is sure to play a key part in updating consumers on events that are going on around them.
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