How Your SEO Is Like Your Mechanic

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Have you ever gone to get your oil changed at an unfamiliar filling station and they told you your car needed a new timing belt? Did you agree to pay for the service out of fear or ignorance? Did you take it to your mechanic (if you have one) to determine if a new timing belt was a necessity? Lucky for you if you have a mechanic you know and trust.
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This analogy could be used with any number of other professions other than auto repair; attorney, family dentist, accountant, dog sitter, realtor – whatever, they are all relationships you would build and forge with trust. The same trust is necessary from your SEO agency. Mechanics (and SEO’s) sometimes get a bad rap because even if you find one you know and trust, they charge handsomely for their time and expertise. What you may not consider is to keep up with how to fix newer cars with newer technology, costs are considerably expensive.  Take for instance, the amount of time it takes to replace your timing belt and the cost of the tools to do it correctly. It takes an average minimum 4 hours to remove everything in the way of the belt, replace it, and put everything back properly. Depending on your make and model, the necessary tools can cost about $8,000 just for the basics. Finding a mechanic that you know and trust is crucial to your vehicle’s value, performance and most importantly – your safety. Consider the same when you shop for an internet marketing agency. Unsolicited phone calls and emails from SEO companies are usually not a trustworthy folks to hire. Would you agree to pay a mechanic a monthly fee to make sure your tires stay on and your doors close? That is essentially what you’d be getting if you buy into an internet marketing agency that comes to you. Let’s say you choose to go with the dealership mechanic because you trust the salesman that sold you the car. What you may not know is that the service department is run separately from the sales floor and the management is a bit crooked. What I’m getting at is just because the company that made your website did an outstanding job at designing it, may not be the best at getting you traffic. This can be true even if you do trust them.
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Much like your relationship with your mechanic, as you get to know your SEO provider, you should start to learn what his time and expertise is worth. You can do this by what data they show you and if your conversions have increased. It’s a lot like the mechanic giving you back the old parts as proof of a job being done. Even better, my mechanic actually shows me what he’s doing and makes sure I’m aware of the options for band-aids if my budget is low. He always suggests I take his advice and go with the best solutions to ensure my car runs at peak performance and is optimally safe. I hope your mechanic  or internet marketing agency does the same for you.
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