How Your Blog and Social Media Work Together

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They seem to be two totally separate activities. Blogging is long-form content aimed at providing users with value and helping your site rank with search engines. Social media posts are more informal, brief statements, or photos. However, the two online activities shouldn’t exist separately. Here’s how to use your blog posts to enrich your social media feeds and use social media to drive traffic to your website.

Understanding Search Engines

Google and other search engines have one goal – to provide users with the information they’re seeking. Web crawlers or bots scour every online page to examine its titles, subheadings, images, and other content. They index that information and make it available to search engines.

Search engines also note how many users click on your website pages and how long they stay when they get there. If many people click and they spend several minutes reading your content, search engines reward you with improved ranking. That, in turn, brings more traffic.

Each blog post is like its own web page. When you fill them with keyword rich content, well-written headings, and carefully labeled images, they’re easy for bots to index correctly. Even more importantly, when you make them well-written and informative, users stay to read every word.

Social media helps you get blog posts in front of a wider audience. When you share your blog posts on social media, your content gets in front of people who might not otherwise hear of your products and services – those who check their feeds regularly, often multiple times a day. When they click on your content, they more likely to make a purchase and your site receives more traffic, which improves search engine ranking.

Blogging is Critical to Social Media Strategy

Social media is an important component of your online presence, and it’s the way many of your customers will choose to interact with you. However, social media posts are short. They don’t allow you to communicate brand values or provide users with the type of in-depth content they really want.

Blogging allows you to be helpful, informative, and knowledgeable. Every post should be professional and aligned with your brand values, so include an author photo and brief bio so your audience sees the human on the other side of the machine. Supplement posts with graphics, videos, and high-quality images to encourage user engagement.

Most Successful Blog Posts for Social Media

The best type of blog posts to share on social media will vary depending on your industry, but they will likely fall into these four categories:

  • How-to articles that walk readers through the steps they should take to solve a problem or complete a task;
  • Lists that rank the top hits, most knowledgeable experts, or best options;
  • Posts that provide information, statistics, and research; and
  • Posts that give arguments to support the writer’s opinion to help readers make a choice.

Business owners wonder how often they should post. Whether you’re posting video, images, or written content, it’s always best to choose quality over quantity. If you don’t have time to create something of value to the reader that reflects your brand’s commitment to excellence, it’s better not to post at all. Some businesses choose to outsource content creation, so they can consistently offer users high-quality posts.

How to Use Facebook for Blog Promotion

Every social media platform has different audiences, so your social media strategy should involve different tactics depending on where you post. Once you’ve created blog posts for your target audience, use these tips to get them in front of your Facebook followers.

  • Share each post. Create a schedule for automatic posting directly from your website or cut and paste your blog’s URL onto your page.
  • Create social proof by boosting your post to demographics most likely to like, share, and comment. Invite your team members to do the same.
  • Ask questions or request input in the comments below your post. Facebook’s algorithm prefers posts that show more engagement.

Sharing Blog Posts on Pinterest

Pinterest can be a challenging place to promote your blog because every user starts without an audience. Over time, however, it’s worth the effort because Pinners are often willing to commit, with a high percentage purchasing what they pin.

Draw traffic by participating in group boards. Once you’ve prepared at least 10 pins, written your bio, and chosen an avatar to represent your brand, ask group board owners to invite you to contribute in a comment, email, or private message. Optimize your images for the greatest impact and include a call to action that leads them straight to the post you’re promoting.

Using Twitter

Complete your business’s Twitter profile and add your blog’s URL. Then promote your blog by doing the following:

  • When you write posts, include click-to-tweet links so readers are more likely to share.
  • Break long posts into chunks and promote them with short tweets.
  • Tweet intriguing quotes to give audiences a taste of what they’ll find on your website.
  • Use hashtags to connect your post to related topics.
  • Participate in chats with industry leaders for greater exposure and more followers.

Your blog and your presence on social media platforms both show the public what your brand has to offer. When you use them together, they create continuing traffic and a huge return on your marketing investment.

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