10 Tactics to Increase Web Traffic to Your Blog

A blog will only help your business if it can be found easily online. A blog with high traffic, significant followers and fresh content not only expands the reach of your business, but can turn into a revenue-generating site with paid ads.

A blog will only help your business if it can be found easily online. A blog with high traffic, significant followers and fresh content not only expands the reach of your business, but can turn into a revenue-generating website with paid ads.

The downside however, is that you can only truly make a good profit if you can show impressive web traffic numbers to your potential advertisers. The higher number of visitors your blog receives, the higher the asking price you can demand from advertisements.

The following are 10 tactics to help your blog gain more revenue-generating traffic:

1. Stay consistent and don’t give up!

This is the first and most important rule in creating a successful blog. You need to create relevant material for your blog on a regular and predictable basis to keep followers engaged and to attract new traffic. If you take a hiatus from blogging, you can seriously hurt your rank in search engines as well as your reputation with your readers.

2. Your signature says more than your name.

Add your blog link to your email signature. Your contacts may find your blog interesting. If something in an email correspondence reminds you of your blog, naturally introduce it.

Increase Blog Traffic Through Email

3. Make your blog SEO-friendly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for blogs is essential for seeing any real results. There are SEO-friendly (and user-friendly) blog SEO plugins available on WordPress, Drupal and Magento.

4. Research keywords while blog writing.

Review what the search results look like for some of the terms you’re using. You can pick up on alternate high-ranking phrases this way. Google also has a free AdWords Keyword Tool that will match phrases to your topics.

5. Add images, graphics and illustrations with link-back captions.

Include a caption under each graphic on your site by hosting images from third-party sites, providing credit, and granting permission for visitors to use the photos as long as they link-back to your site. You can include this for photos you’ve taken yourself. A little image disclaimer can be big for blog traffic!

Start Blogging Today!

6. Comment more than you post.

Blogs with higher numbers of comments receive more punch in search results. For every new blog you post, make it a rule to comment on two blogs: One that you already have a connection with and a new blog. This will help bring visitors to your own blog as well as help with your overall branding.

7. Be an expert in your field and give answers on Q&A sites.

Open forum FAQ sites allow you to answer questions in your niche and leave a link-back to your blog, social media and company website.

8. Be a guest on other blogs and host guest bloggers on your own.

Guest Blogging Invite bloggers to write a guest post for your blog. Target bloggers who are relevant to your field and who already have a strong and legitimate following.

Your guest blogger will promote their post through their own networks and you will reciprocally do the same and include links to their products, services and social media in their guest post.

Also, query non-competing blogs in your field that have consistent readership and offer to write a guest post for them. It may take time before an established blogger accepts your invitation, but provide a unique angle to make it hard for them to say no.

9. Recognize other experts in your niche field.

Create a “Best Blogger Award” or a list of the “Top Best Blogs” in your field. Not only will those bloggers share your post, but others in your industry will come across it too.

10. A blog with great content is worthless without good design.

A good website designer can create engaging websites that are user-friendly, convey your image consistently, and are laid out in ways that are not only engaging to visitors, but easy for search engines to read.

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