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How Pinterest Can Help Boost Your Holiday Sales

Pinterest traffic skyrockets during the holiday season with gift related boards and Christmas gift searches.

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Pinterest traffic skyrockets during the holiday season with gift related boards and Christmas gift searches. Social media marketing during the holidays is a great opportunity for small businesses to expand their audience reach and boost their holiday sales.

Follow Consumer Trends

Holiday boards will definitely be trending in social media marketing. Stay up on the trends your customers follow, those trends have roughly a 94% increase in click through rates on Pinterest. Making boards relevant to trending topics is going to increase your chances of getting seen. Gift idea boards are huge! Everyone is searching for ideas on the perfect gift for everyone on their Christmas list. Using the right keywords, clear price information, and a link to your website can result in a lot of increased traffic.
Pinterest Holiday Board

Make Pinning Easy for Consumers

Using Rich Pins allows customers to add the price, availability, and store locations to their pins. Pinners can get notifications of price reductions, often resulting in a purchase of the item. Some companies have seen up to a 70% increase in online traffic to their site from Pinterest referrals. Add a “Pin It” button so your website visitors can pin your products to their board directly from your site. The easier it is for people to pin your products, the more exposure you get from the platform. The new “on hover” feature from Pinterest allows pinners to easily add your website and a short description to images. When family members or friends go to their boards, they’ll have all the information they need, and a link directly to your website, so they can purchase the item through a quick and easy experience, and avoid those long holiday shopping lines.

Hold a Pin to Win Contest

Another way to increase sales from Pinterest is to hold a contest. Contests where people “pin to win” significantly increase traffic to your site, especially for retail businesses. When consumers pin their favorite items from your website, they get the chance to win that item, and you get the exposure from all their followers. If you are a service-based business, you can create coupon pins to offer discounts or special deals to your consumers. Either way, be sure to have plenty of pinnable content for your consumers.
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