How Does Quality Marketing Bring More Leads?

Carrie Anne Mick
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You’ve got a great product or service and your clients are thrilled with the results. However, you still feel like the best kept secret in your area and industry because you’re not getting the desired number of leads, at least, not on any kind of consistent basis. You need qualified leads – the kind of leads that come from the target market your business is built for. This means you need a multi-step marketing strategy that includes increasing visibility, driving traffic to your website, and positioning yourself as an industry leader. 

To help you learn the steps to building that effective strategy, our digital marketing agency is walking you through exactly how content marketing brings in more leads – from the first step of making your business visible to converting a visitor into a lead. 

How Does Quality Marketing Bring More Leads

What Sets You Apart from Competition?

Before you dive in to SEO and writing content, you need to evaluate what separates you from your competitors so you can appeal to your target market and also map out your content and keyword strategy. For example, you may be one of 15 law offices in your city and surrounding area, but your firm specializes in injury cases while many others specialize in divorce or estate planning. Focusing on a service or product that sets you apart from your competition allows you to use different keywords and unique content than anyone around you.  

Also, your differentiators don’t have to be a different specialization. It can truly be anything that helps you stand out to your target market. Sticking with the lawyer’s business example, what sets you apart could be that you offer free consultations, payment plan options, or it could be the qualifications and experience that you have. Once you pinpoint how you can stand out, you’ve got the foundation for your marketing. 

Use SEO to Improve Search Engine Rankings

No matter what kind of business you have, the people who need your services are going through search engines to find what they need, and you want to be front and center of their search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a multi-step process but the payoff is massive if you can be a top-ranked site for your keywords. To help you, let’s break down a few steps to improve your search engine rankings and attract more visitors to your website.


Your keywords are the cornerstone of your SEO strategy, and understanding what your audience is searching for means you can better market to them. You can use Google Analytics or Keyword Explorer to determine how people found your website, and between those, trending topics on Google Trends, and what you want to be found for (ie: “criminal defense lawyer”), you can create a list of words to optimize your website. 

Add Location

Unless you’re an online business only, most likely you are serving a specific geographic location. Make sure you’re including your location in your pages, particularly your H1 (your banner headline title), title tag, and meta title. This ensures your business will be more likely to rank well with people in your area who type in “Keyword Near Me” or “Keyword City.”

Know Your Keyword “Hot Spots”

It’s important to attach a keyword and location to each of the main pages of your website, such as your home page and service pages and then use that keyword throughout the content. One thing to remember, you don’t need to put your keyword into the copy a dozen times – in fact, Google algorithms look for “keyword stuffing” and it does more harm than good. Instead, focus on making sure you have your keyword in the following spaces: 

  • H1 – Your banner headline 
  • H2 – A variation of your keyword in your H2s as you expand on information 
  • Title tag and meta description – the information about your page that comes up in search engine ranking pages.
  • Within your call to action. 

Creating Content to Build Trust and Authority

Many business owners are hesitant to create content for their website beyond the basic home page, contact page, and about page, but creating content offers two important benefits: 

  1. Search engines regularly crawl your site, and if you are regularly providing them with new, updated content to index, you’ll see a boost in your rankings. Even better, this allows you to leverage your keywords to strengthen rankings for them.
  2. If someone visits your website and sees relevant, useful content through blog articles and well-written, informative service pages, you’re able to build trust and increase customer engagement. Even if someone finds your website because they ask a question your blog answers, the reader is more likely to remember you in the future when they need your service. 

If you’re not sure what kind of content to add to your website, consider: 

  • Make sure every service, or every grouping of services, has its own individual page.
  • Create an FAQ page 
  • Blogs that work with the season. For example, if you have an accounting firm, consider the How to Get Your Business Taxes in Order or What’s the Best Way to File My Taxes.

Every Page Should Have a Call To Action

Visiting your website shouldn’t be the last experience someone has with you. You want them to take action in some way, whether that’s calling you to schedule an appointment, downloading a free e-book to capture subscribers, or filling out a service request form, and every page should invite the visitor to take the next step. That invitation to take the next step is a call to action (CTA), and it can be as simple as a button saying “Call now,” or a graphic inviting someone to download a free item. 

The most important aspect of your CTA is it needs to tell the visitor on your website EXACTLY what the next step is and give them a powerful reason to do so. 

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Are You Set Up to Attract A Steady Stream of Leads?

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